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Day 304 Should I stay or should I go?

A guest post by Cindy Bogard Darling you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go? If you say that you are mine I’ll be here ’til the end of time So you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go? The Clash Should it stay or should it go? Who hasn’t asked that during their decluttering efforts? One things I think we need to keep in mind while decluttering is the future usefulness of an item. Now I’m not trying to enable those who say, “Perhaps I can use it later…My sister’s husband’s next-door neighbor might want it … You just never know ….” I’m Continue reading

Day 303 What kind of clutterer am I?

Cindy wrote another great post on Thursday which gave me inspiration to finally write something after this week of craziness. She wrote about the two types of clutter - Let it all hang out clutter and hidden clutter. With those as my choices I think I fall into the hidden clutter category but I’m not convinced there isn’t a third option – The just own two much stuff variety of clutterer. This clutterer has things out there neatly on display and hidden away in every nook and cranny at the same time. They either keep progressively moving into bigger homes to accommodate all this stuff Continue reading

Day 302 Friday’s favorite five

Five Favourite comments for this week - Once again it was hard to choose because there were so many and of course I loved all the ones wishing my boy well and I thank you all for that. Ornela on Day 299 -Isn’t it beautiful to look at the world through the eyes of a child? - Read More Imogen on Day 299 - Things I am grateful for... Read More Bobbi on Day 298 - Great post, inspiring for many I am sure... Read More Jo & Di on Day 298 - Jo - Cindy, they are not too long at all in my opinion... Read More Di - Cindy, you are always offering such useful information... Read More Continue reading

Day 301 What Kind of Clutterer Are You?

A guest post by Cindy Bogard I’m going to go out on a limb here and say something that may be ridiculous. Ready? There are two types of clutterers – let it all hang out and hidden. There, I’ve said it. Let the eye rolling begin. I am the first kind – the let it all hang out kind. While my cabinets and drawers are really pretty neat, and always were, every available surface used to be covered in stuff. Good stuff, junky stuff, stuff that has to be moved before anyone could eat, sit down, or visit. BC (before children), I was very neat. I look back on the earlier days of my marriage Continue reading

Day 300 – Lice!

A guest post by Cindy Bogard Yes, my youngest was sent home from school with lice. Don’t worry; I’ll wait while you say “eeewwwwww!!!!” and scratch your head like a crazy monkey. If you’ve never had to deal with lice - and I managed to go 47 years without it - it’s unexpected news that suddenly means a whole lot of unexpected work. The good news is that my daughter did not feel shamed or embarrassed at all, probably because the school had quite the outbreak, and she was far from the only one. When I was a kid, it was always hush-hush and embarrassing. You knew which kids had it Continue reading

Day 299 Gratitude

A guest post by Cindy Bogard I am writing this on Sunday, although I know you are not reading it on Sunday. At my house, we take Sunday as a day of rest and family time. So instead of writing a blog, I am going to list the things that I am grateful for today. I challenge you to use to comment section to add your own gratitude list. Cindy’s Gratitude List Insulin, which was not discovered until the 1920s and without which my daughter would die. The fantastic weather we’ve had for the past month. My friends Holly and Dan T and my mother who spent 8 hours Continue reading

News Flash

All the prayers have been answered  our boy is awake. He is in a lot of pain and is distressed but he has taken a huge step on the road to recovery. It is heartbreaking to see him suffering but the pain will subside more each day. He isn't able to talk well enough to understand easily yet but he is trying hard and communicating in other ways. Continue reading

Day 298 Does This Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat?

By Cindy Bogard In 2008, I heard about the book Does This Clutter Make my Butt Look Fat? by Peter Walsh. The title is enough to make you take a second look, and as I recall, he made the circuit of all the daytime talk shows. Without knowing more, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard and forgot about it until this weekend. Like a lot of people, I have struggled with my weight. I was always small but after the birth of my second child, I hit almost 180 pounds and stayed there. Maybe four years ago, I decided that nonsense had to change. I joined Weight Watchers and set what Continue reading

Day 297 Pet Clutter

Pets as Clutter A guest post by Cindy Bogard We have five pets: two dogs, one cat, two guinea pigs, and I was the decision-maker for each acquisition, but as I tripped over Tucker the dog this morning, I started thinking about the animals as clutter. I love them, and I don’t intend on getting rid of them (well, maybe the guinea pigs who have become eating, pooping nick nacks), but still I wanted to think about them in a new way: Are animals clutter? Certainly owning animals involves clutter. The dogs have food, leashes, bowls, beds, brushes, medicine, and clippers that have to be stored, Continue reading

Day 296 SWAG

Cindy has been kind enough to produce another couple of posts to keep things going here at 365less things while I watch my baby sleep. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your good wishes and notes of comfort. Thank you again to Cindy for helping me out at such short notice. SWAG a guest post by Cindy Bogard I only recently learned this term – swag. According to the Urban Dictionary it stands for Stuff We All Get, aka everything from the trinkets you get at trade shows to the really fancy gift bags that celebrities get when they attend swanky events. However you cut it, Continue reading