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Day 273 Why am I still clinging

Now that I am back to my daily decluttering I decided to take yet another look through the storage cupboard in my laundry. This cupboard is quite useless in a way because it is not deep enough to store certain things I would like to keep in it but on the flip side it isn't deep enough for things to get shuffled to and lost in the back of it. And yet there are still things in there that haven't seen the light of day since we moved into this house three years ago. I am giving myself the excuse that due to my blog I am only decluttering one thing a day and I just haven't gotten around to these Continue reading

Day 272 Back to daily decluttering

Well it had to happen. I had managed to get far enough ahead with the decluttering to carry me through my vacation and a couple of days out the other side. Alas, now I have run out of my pre-decluttered items and I have to declutter for real again. It wasn't hard to find something considering I had lived without it all for a month and have long since come to the realization that we probably don't need/want half of the stuff around here anyway. While getting my jewellery box out of my bedside cupboard, I came across a pile of Rick Steves travel guides we had used on our last trip to Europe Continue reading

Day 271 Brain waves

We stayed at a very eco-friendly hostel in Rome called The Beehive. They only wash towels and sheets every three days if you are staying four days or more. They encourage you to turn off all electricity in your rooms when you are out. They have a little cafe that provides organic home made snacks and breakfast. And they have a community area where you can access the Internet on the computer provided and there are free magazines to read and a small collection on books (travel and otherwise) that have been shared by passing travellers who have no use for them anymore. There is also a recycling Continue reading

Day 270 Wow this house seems big

Today I sit here in my not so big house and thinking WOW there is so much space in here. After living in mostly small hotel/pensione rooms for four weeks, what seemed like a relatively small home now seems so spacious. I cannot help but think there is an awful lot of floor to be vacuumed and mopped, and a lot of bench tops and sinks to wipe. The tiny two bedroom town houses they have just build around the corner are looking pretty attractive at the moment. My husband is all the way up stairs at his computer which feels weird because he has hardly left my side in a month. Although I am not a Continue reading

Day 269 Back at the keyboard

Yes I am back at last but suffering from a good dose of jet lag after 43 hours of travel, so don't expect too much from me today. I would like to take your memories back to Day 250 to a post my husband wrote called Reducing Your Travel Clutter. In that post he shared this quote with you from Rick Steves (Travel Writer) You’ll never meet a traveller who, after five trips, brags: “Every year I pack heavier.” Well boy did he repeatedly whisper that quote in my ear with sarcastic humour over and over again during our vacation. Especially in the narrow alley-ways of Venezia (Venice) Continue reading

Day 268 In case of fire

For those of you who may not have read this comment by Amy last week I thought it was so great I wanted to bring it to the attention of you all. Hey Amy I am glad you are OK and I hope you are inspired to declutter even more for the experience. Here is what Amy wrote... This isn’t really related to the post, but I had a profound uncluttering-related experience this past week, and I thought it would be appropriate to share it here. Last Monday, a wildfire started 2.5 miles from my house. I was just getting back from a weekend away and didn’t even have time to go home a grab a few Continue reading

Day 267 Favourite Five for Friday

I must apologise if I haven't managed to get to fill the comments section of this page while on vacation. Things will be back to normal on the 26th of September. Five great link to the archives of great bloggers Tiny Buddha - On Letting Go Renouncement - Sometimes you just get what you need Less is fabulous - On Borrowed Time Far Beyond The Stars - The true purpose of simplicity Miss Minimalist - Minimalist beauty- 11 ways to look gorgeous without chemicals ITEM 267 OF 365 LESS THINGS More of the clothes from my son's closet Continue reading

Day 266

I must apologise if I haven't managed to fill this page before or during my vacation. I will be home on the 26th of September. A little recycling tip Office supply stores usually have recycling bins for old cell phones and printer cartridges if you have been wondering how you can recycle these items. The cartridges are refilled I believe and the cell phones are often donated to women at risk of abuse as an emergency lifeline. ITEM 266 OF 365 LESS THINGS Some of the clothes that were decluttered from my son's closet Continue reading

Day 265 Thank you

The day before going on vacation I read a post from Gip @ So Much More Life about another blogger turning of comment to his blog. Here is a link to that post - Comments matter... This is the comment I left in response to Gip's post and I mean it from the bottom of my heart Hi Gip, I'm with you. I know my regular commenters feel that they are part of a community at my blog and I like it that way. When I welcome a new commenter I always refer to the welcome coming from US and how WE appreciate their input. It is only me writing my blog but the WE & US are a reference to my readers Continue reading

Day 264 Other peoples stuff

For those of you who don't read the comments on my blog I thought I would share this one with you. Back on Day 232 I received this comment from Eve... I’m loving your blog and look forward to checking it each day (I only found it yesterday). Something about your posts makes me want to dig in and de-clutter stuff. Already I’ve de-cluttered dozens of little things: kitchen gadgets, fabric trimmings I thought I’d use but clearly haven’t, school applications for my son that are no longer necessary to keep, IKEA Allen wrenches, etc. Each item I throw away or put into the Goodwill Continue reading