Outgrown items

Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle

This jigsaw is too easy for my grandson. He is a bit of a jigsaw prodigy. He was never very interested in it either, because it doesn’t have a dinosaur theme. Thomas the Tank Engine just doesn’t cut it for him. Ha ha!

There is only so much room in my apartment for stuff so anything that he has outgrown has no place here, especially when new things come along. My grandson recently had a birthday and I bought him a new dinosaur jigsaw puzzle and some LEGO which remains in my home for his entertainment when visiting, which happens often. So out with the old and in with the new.

Luckily, most of the toys and games that come through have been purchased secondhand so there is never much wasted cash on things he will outgrown quickly. And it is painless to take them back to the thrift store.

And now Christmas in on the way. Yikes!

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  1. Love hearing from you, Colleen, and having been a follower for a long time
    feel invested in the wellbeing of you and your family — united in the effort to
    keep our lives decluttered and the objects meaningful for the time we use/need
    them. So when it’s time to clear out one non-used object it makes room for another
    more useful one! Also love to hear other commenters

  2. Good to see you posting, Colleen!
    Today we sold a pair of antique skis for our daughter (they had been in an old shed on her property). Yay!
    Next, we will post and try to sell antique yard and garden tools.

  3. I have been decluttering since Mom passed away because I no longer have anyone to really pass things on to. Plus, I also have ,any items I no longer use as I am getting older. I passed on 24 jigsaw puzzles 1000 piece each with a few more to go once I have worked them. I am giving away all my scrapbook supplies because after this year I will no longer be ,asking cards. I have also passed along some pans, dishes, and other kitchen item since I no longer cook in big amounts with only me to cook for. It feels good. Our new church building is being built. Once it is done I will be passing along a bunch of books to put in our church library.

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