Useful but underused

All of the items above were once of use to me but have been languishing in my kitchen cupboard unused for a while now. The little glass jars would be more useful to me if it wasn’t for the fact that they came into this house as candle jars and the smell has lingered. The carafe was replaced some time ago by smaller bottles with stoppers. The keeper cup had a top that, from the get go, dribbled down the front of ones shirt every time it was used. I accidentally broke the pestle that went with the mortar and you can’t replace one without the other. And the saucers just don’t get used.

So although, all but the keep cup, were in used at some point they are now just a waste of space. And I have no space to waste.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. You continue to inspire, Colleen, with the simple idea that if a person
    jettisons 1 item a day, in a years’ time 365 items will have painlessly
    left the premises. Like you, I enjoy crafting & even making cards. Sometimes
    I remind myself that if I make just 1 card a day at years end I’ll have 365 cards.
    (never happens, because I invariably give them away… but the PRINCIPLE is
    sound.) The more streamlined I can keep my house, the easier to clean, organize,
    and have time for activities I love…

  2. I’m preparing for another foray into the closets & cabinets to pull out things I no longer need. I have been working on a new plan of eating. Once I have figured out what I really find myself preparing on a regular basis, I will declutter what I don’t use. I really need to declutter so I have everything easy to reach.

  3. I just took 18 more items to the thrift store this week! All things I was not using enough to justify keeping. It feels great!

    I love seeing your emails in my inbox again!

  4. I’m continually decluttering but more is always there! Our Charity Shops (UK) have been closed on and off since mid March 2020 so anything I want to declutter has to wait until Lockdown ends and shops are allowed to open again. And then of course they will have to limit what people take in. When the shops were allowed to reopen around July last year one of the shops kept a tally in the window stating how many bags of items had been donated. It was fascinating to watch that number grow! We are now in our 3rd Lockdown which started immediately after Christmas.

    • Hi Linda, I sympathise with you folks over there. We have been pretty lucky here is Australia that we haven’t had too many outbreaks or lockdowns, especially so outside the major cities. If they could just get the quarantine hotel situation perfected there would be no need for lockdowns at all. It is almost business as usual except for social distancing rules which I wish were the norm even post virus, should that ever happen.

  5. Yesterday & today I had fun getting rid of many new items and several hardly used items. I had a raffle & picked numbers beforehand. I took pictures of items and had my kids & 3 adult grandkids give me number. They only submitted numbers for items they were interested in. This week had 6 nice items.

    It was so much fun, getting a other batch ready for next week, have three groupings so far.