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Day 355 Procrastination Clutter

I know that I have written about procrastination causing delays in the decluttering process but that is not the only role that procrastination plays when it comes to clutter. In many cases procrastination actually causes the clutter in the first place. What starts out as a good intention can soon turn into a failure to carry out a particular task that leaves in its wake a pile of clutter. For example... The hem on your daughter's dress has fallen and you put it aside to restitch but 2 months later it is still lying in an ever growing pile of other good intentions next to your sewing Continue reading

Day 354 Happy Holidays

I wanted to take this opportunity today to wish all my readers here at 365 Less Things a wonderful holiday season. Whatever the holiday is for you I hope it is full of joy, love and peace. I wanted to send my wishes today because things can get a little crazy in the last week leading up to our celebrations no matter how simplified we may have made them. I would prefer to think you are spending your holidays enjoying your family and friends and taking as much time as possible amid the craziness to relax and reflect on what the season means to you. I will still be posting everyday but I am Continue reading

Day 353 Simple Sunday (Saturday for some)

Polish Apple Pancake Recipe A simple healthy recipe with very few ingredients that requires very little effort 1 cup plain flour 1 tblspn sugar ½ tspn salt 1 egg 1 tblspn vegetable oil 1 cup skim milk 4 medium green apples peeled & thinly sliced icing sugar In a bowl combine flour, sugar, and salt. (I use a whisk to aerate these dry ingredients) In another bowl using the same whisk lightly beat eggs, milk and oil. Add milk mixture to dry ingredients and stir until smooth. Fold in apples. Pour batter by half cupfuls onto a greased griddle on medium heat and spread Continue reading

Day 352 Messy drawers are time wasters

I have been spending a bit more time in my craft room lately but at the same time I flit here and there doing other things. I must confess I have not spent the sort of time I should have tidying up after myself as I went. As a result my tool drawer in my craft room was looking like this when I needed something out of it today... ...Needless to say I spent longer looking for what I needed that it really should have taken. The drawer didn't need decluttering it just needed a good tidy up. So I pulled all the items out of the drawer... ...I had a good look at what was there and indeed there was Continue reading

Day 351 This weeks favourite five

This weeks favourite five comments that I wanted to share with you in case you missed them. Susan S on Day 342 - I’d love to have a Buy Nothing Christmas, but we’ll have a Buy Not a Lot Christmas... Read more Cindy on Day 343 - A friend who is a organizing professional received a gift of magazine and catalog decluttering... Read more This is a great gift idea especially if you live in the US because it has become big business to sell peoples details in order to send out junk mail. A decluttered mail box who wouldn't want that. Annabelle on Day 347 - Ok, now I also want to know, will Continue reading

Day 350 Declutter mini missions

Today as inspiration to do a little decluttering I am going to challenge you to take part in ten declutter mini missions. I have been including these missions on my new Twitter account and added some extras for fun. I will check back with you next Thursday to see how you went. So get cracking and be sure to send me some feedback on your progress. Take a look in your closet and find 5 items you no longer use/wear (shoes, clothes, bags, belts...). Find 1 item that someone gave you that you no longer want but are keeping just because it was given to you. Find 2 items in your home that Continue reading

Day 349 Editing your possessions

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I used to be an editor, which invariably involves reading and rereading the same material. As far as I can tell, the process I used was similar to what most editors use. First I would read through the material, changing any obvious mistakes, but my larger goal was simply to familiarize myself with the material. Next, I would read it through looking for content discrepancies and sentences, or even whole paragraphs, that should be moved around or removed. The next time through, I would search out formatting errors, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Last, I would print Continue reading

Day 348 I’m not a morning person – Bedroom mess clutter

How many times have you heard or said "But I'm no a morning person"? You know the story "not being a morning person" is a great excuse for continually having a messy bedroom. As a result of "not being a morning person"  the bedroom turns into a disaster zone in the attempt to get ready for work each day. Needless to say when the "not a morning person" finally gets around to cleaning up the mess the very next day it's back to square one again. As for not being a morning person:- This is just a state of mind which can be reversed if you just let it go. The only reason a person isn't a Continue reading

Day 347 Staying ahead of the game

There are three key elements to decluttering Purging your home of items that are unused Being selective with future purchases so you do not end up recluttering you home. Staying ahead of the clutter by removing items as they become redundant. Today I want to talk about #3 on the list above. The key to staying decluttered is to make sure you remove any redundant item from your home as quickly as possible after it outgrows its usefulness. Redundancy can include... Physically growing out of an item Children are especially prone to this, some more so than others. I was Continue reading

Day 346 Simple Sunday (Saturday for some)

Call me crazy but I have started to twitter 365lessthings. I may come to regret this or maybe even just neglect to tweet but I figured I would give it a go. I will be tweeting my daily post but also, little quotes that I find in my travels, my uneducated opinion on things and posts that I have read and I think are worth sharing. I will still have my favourite five Friday posts but this way I can share good posts more often. So if you tweet please share the love and let folks know 365lessthings is out there trying to help folks with their decluttering needs. Item 346 of 365 less Continue reading