Day 353 Simple Sunday (Saturday for some)

Polish Apple Pancake Recipe

A simple healthy recipe with very few ingredients that requires very little effort

1 cup plain flour
1 tblspn sugar
½ tspn salt
1 egg
1 tblspn vegetable oil
1 cup skim milk
4 medium green apples peeled & thinly sliced
icing sugar

  1. In a bowl combine flour, sugar, and salt. (I use a whisk to aerate these dry ingredients)
  2. In another bowl using the same whisk lightly beat eggs, milk and oil.
  3. Add milk mixture to dry ingredients and stir until smooth.
  4. Fold in apples.
  5. Pour batter by half cupfuls onto a greased griddle on medium heat and spread to form a 5 inch circle.
  6. Turn when bubbles begin to form on top.
  7. Cook until the second side is golden brown and apples are tender.
  8. Serve dusted with icing sugar.

These portions will make about 8 pancakes. I usually only mix up half this amount for my hubby and I

Note:- these are a delicious breakfast alternative. It is a very basic recipe that can be spiced up with a little cinnamon for added flavour. In fact you could be very imaginative as to what you could add to make them interesting.


Item of 365 less things

Yes! The storage containers are flying out the door at this stage of my declutter mission. They are one thing I am not going to keep “just in case”. There will be no case where I will be needing them.
More Plastic Srorage

5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. Another nice cool overcast day.
  2. Finally getting my Christmas shopping out of the way – Yes it took me until a week before Christmas to get the ONE gift I had to buy. Maybe I am taking this Minimal Christmas thing too far.
  3. Finding time to do a little crafting.
  4. Take-out for dinner – Mmmmmmmm curry!
  5. Clothes airers – I prefer to hang our clothes inside rather than have them fading out in the sun or wasting electricity using the dryer.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. delicious sounding recipe – thanks for sharing! One of my most popular ones is an apple cake, so I think these will go down well, especially as one of my daughter’s loves is pancakes! I don’t make them often as for some reason I hate cooking them, but I promise to give these a go 😉

  2. Mmm sounds good. After being stuck in snow today taking 5 hours to go 15 miles (and the turning round and going home in 30 mins) I could do with some nice warm food!

    • 15 miles in 5 hours! I can’t believe you didn’t dessert the car!

      • We had the same problem once when we lived in Seattle. We had a snow fall at about 3pm which melted on the road then refroze at peak hour and then it snowed some more. Our daughter was at work when all this happened so we put the snow chains on our car to go and pick her up. It took 10 minutes to get out of our estate and down to where she worked but over an hour to get through the traffic jam and home again. It was so beautiful out too and there were lots of people walking home rather than driving in the bad conditions.We should have just walked down to get her and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

  3. I’m looking forward to the day when I am discarding the storage containers! I realized that I haven’t purchased a stocking stuffer gift for my grandson! Disaster! hehehe! Gotta think of something fun for a 3yo…

    • Hi Willow,
      I haven’t heard from you much lately I hope that is because you are having a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. Hope it is a good one for you and 2011 bring good health and happiness all year long.

  4. I am so happy I’m doing a minimalist Christmas this year. It took me less than 3 hours to do all my Christmas shopping today – and that included 1 hour of travel time. I also think people will much prefer my gifts this year as they are simple and consumable.

    • Hi Isabella,
      good for you! Is this your first minimalist Christmas and do you have any qualms about what other people think about your approach to gift giving? I am curious to know as I wonder myself about what others think and whether they feel I am being a scrooge.

      • Yes, its my first minimalist Christmas and no I don’t have any qualms – I really wish I had come across this idea before now. When I tell people that I am decluttering, the general reaction is “oh, I need to do that”, so I think most people will be quite happy not to receive something that they don’t really want, but its sorta nice and it might have cost a bit and it was a gift so I really should hold onto it ….

        I don’t have a lot of presents to buy anyway (over the years friends and I have come to understandings that our Christmas gifts to each other are to not have to buy each other Christmas gifts) and my aim wasn’t necessarily to spend less money, although I suspect I did, it was just to adjust the type of gifts I give. I put together hampers. My sister-in-law gave us a hamper last year and I though it was great. Opening a box with a bunch of yummy little things in it was a lot more exciting that than getting, say, a vase. If I was more organised I would have included something home-made, say, shortbread for an example, because I think people appreciate the time that is put into the gift as much as the gift itself.

        We shall see how it goes.

  5. I know I have a ways to go with decluttering because I really wanted to “rescue” those storage bins! It is very hard for me to let go of containers… especially if they match..I am working on it:)

    • Hi Jessiejack,
      I find the thing that helped me most when it came to getting rid of the clutter was to realise what I wanted more, the lovely clear space around me of the clutter. It really wasn’t a hard decision.