Day 352 Messy drawers are time wasters

I have been spending a bit more time in my craft room lately but at the same time I flit here and there doing other things. I must confess I have not spent the sort of time I should have tidying up after myself as I went. As a result my tool drawer in my craft room was looking like this when I needed something out of it today…

Draw Before Shot…Needless to say I spent longer looking for what I needed that it really should have taken. The drawer didn’t need decluttering it just needed a good tidy up. So I pulled all the items out of the drawer…

Drawer Contents…I had a good look at what was there and indeed there was only one item that required decluttering. The rest either needed to be put back in their proper place elsewhere in my craft area or just rearranged back into their rightful place in the drawer. And here is the result…

Drawer After Shot… I think you would have to agree that this looks a whole lot more user friendly that the before shot. It took ten minutes tops to get this drawer back to the way it should be and it was well worth the effort. Now when I need something it will be effortless to find.

The beauty of a decluttered home is that once it holds only the things you use it is a lot easier to put things right even if they do get a little out of hand. Simply because there is a place for everything and enough room for every thing it fit in it’s place.

Item 352 of 365 less things

This is the one item that I not longer have a use for among the item in my tool drawer. I have put it in the charity box.

Multi tool

5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. The cool air seeping into the house after I open the door first thing in the morning – Remember it is Summer here in the great Land Down Under.
  2. The little twinge that gets me up and doing something useful.
  3. How little effort it takes to clean out a drawer – I did three today. they didn’t need decluttering they just needed tidying.
  4. Realising a mistake before you go too far with it – Nothing drastic here just trying to reorganise something and I could see my plan wasn’t going to work before I wasted too much time on it.
  5. A nice evening walk with my guys – They may have been ganging up on me and trying to push me into the odd bush or two and walking off the other way when I wasn’t looked but it was fun anyway.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. #5 made me laugh. You definitely live with boys!

    • Hi Cindy,
      those boys can be quite a handful together. They both tried to make me piggy back them home. I told them they would do my back in and they would have to carry me home.

  2. Hummmmm!Looks a lot like many of my drawers.

    • Hi Sawn61,
      I am pleased to say most of my drawers don’t look like that but this one had gotten a little out of control. Thinking about it all nice and tidy makes me want to go up there gloat over it for a minute and do some crafting.

  3. The thing I’m most grateful for today is not having summer weather right now!!! Weird, I know, but I don’t do well in the summer heat. Give me spring or fall and I’m a happy person, even if it’s raining.

    I hope you are liking it, though!

    • Hi Jo,
      I like the Spring and Fall better myself. Are you away somewhere or are you referring to the few cooler days we have been getting.

      • I live in Canada, so we are just entering winter here. Some snow on the ground – very Christmassy looking – but it could change at any time. Our Decembers are a mixture of mild, cold, rainy, snowy, and sunny, it seems.

        • Hi Jo,
          I get so confused with my Debs. And two of you are Deb J which only confuses me more. I am guessing that you live on the West Coast of Canada since your weather is so mild.

          • Ha – you blew my cover, Colleen 🙂

            I’m on the east coast, actually, but only December is relatively mild – we get minus 15C to minus 30C in January and February.

  4. Messy drawers! I went into work today after about 10 weeks off sick. I started to have a bit of a poke around in my desk drawers OMG what a mess. The lady who has been covering me is so lovely, but what a mess…sad person that I am I can’t wait to get back and sort it all out and get it back to how I like it!

    • Hi Cathryn,
      I am so glad you are getting well enough to go back to work. First order of business when you get back is to clean out that drawer then you can relax into a normal routine. I hope you are feeling much much better.

  5. Isn’t it ironic that you don’t realize how stupid it is you write so much bull***t about how it’s great to have and do less?

    • Hi Cynthia,
      you are possibly correct to some extent but it makes a whole lot more sense than wasting my time leaving nasty comments on blogs where people are just trying to help each other. I hope that whatever it is that is going on in your life that causes you to be so cynical improves for you and you become happier person.

  6. Drawers are so easily cluttered. We had three junk drawers, and unlike you, most of that stuff was actually clutter. We decluttered and organized them, and now it’s actually easy to find things. Plus we freed up one drawer so I can store my keys, wallet, and phone in a drawer instead of cluttering up the counter top.

  7. It’s funny, I was about to comment that I’d like to have more drawer space where one of my lower cupboard units is; then I stopped to think about what is currently in my 8 kitchen drawers. I realized two of them have – seriously – plastic shopping bags in them. Now there’s just no need of that! I can’t believe how much I do things on autopilot; I just keep putting those bags in those drawers when I could be using them for better things!

    • Hi Jo,
      your mini mission for today is to empty those two drawers full of bags and find a better use for them. Get yourself one of those plastic bag hanging dodads and once it is full don’t save any more. Better still keep a carry bag with you at all times -one of those compact ones that fit into your handbag – so if you do need to accept shopping bags when you are out. You will be helping the environment and helping to keep you house uncluttered at the same time. Win win!

      • I do use them to line my kitchen garbage can, bag up used kitty litter, and bring to my used clothing store to help keep prices down – but I don’t need two drawerfuls!! And yes, a compact bag would be handy for the small trips.

        I wish that stores would make smaller sized shopping bags. When I get groceries in mine, they are often too heavy for me (I’m small) and they tend to drag on the ground 🙂 I also get frustrated by the fact that cashiers feel they need to put as much as possible in each bag, even when I bring lots and ask them to spread out the purchases among the bags. Aaarrgh! Any ideas, Colleen or anyone?

        • Hi Jo,
          my advice is just tell the cashier that you have a disability and need them to not pack too much into each bag. A little white lie never hurts if it gets the “customer service” you ought to have been given in the first place. It is good to see you getting double use out of your bags.