Day 348 I’m not a morning person – Bedroom mess clutter

How many times have you heard or said “But I’m no a morning person”? You know the story “not being a morning person” is a great excuse for continually having a messy bedroom. As a result of “not being a morning person”  the bedroom turns into a disaster zone in the attempt to get ready for work each day. Needless to say when the “not a morning person” finally gets around to cleaning up the mess the very next day it’s back to square one again.

As for not being a morning person:-

  • This is just a state of mind which can be reversed if you just let it go. The only reason a person isn’t a morning person is because they have convinced themselves they aren’t.
  • Getting a good night sleep is key to being a morning person. I would probably not want to get up in the morning either if I stayed up after midnight every night. This can be fixed by changing night habits. Start going to bed about 15 minutes earlier each night until a more suitable bed time is reached.
  • Unless you have a job that changes shift all the time it should be relatively simple to attempt to set a routine in place that better suits your daily requirements.

Simplify your morning routine

  • Set out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed at night. That way you aren’t wasting precious time rummaging through your closet and hurling clothes all over the place in a panic. You will cause yourself a lot of extra ironing if you leave your clothes crumpled on the floor.
  • Set out all the accessories to match the clothing selection you have made above – shoes, jewellery, belt etc.
  • If you are a woman have your make-up neatly arranged so everything is easy to find. Put things back in their proper place so it is easy to find what you need the next day. It takes no longer to do this than to put it in the wrong place. After a short time you will be so familiar as to where the right place is you won’t even have to think about it.
  • Have your shower the night before if climate allows so there is one less thing to do in the morning.
  • If you take 15 minutes or more to do your hair consider a new easier-to-maintain hairstyle.
  • If you take your own meal to work make sure you get it ready the night before.

Set your alarm a little earlier if all else fails and you are still finding yourself running late.

Important: You should always leave time for breakfast in your morning routine it is the most important meal of the day.

Item 348 of 365 less things

Hubby just keeps finding more computer bits to get rid off. These parts sold for $10 on ebay.

Computer Stuff eBay $10

5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. 6:30am cup of coffee – enough said.
  2. Seeing outside the box – I love being able to adapt something to suit my purposes.
  3. Steve has is stitches out and Liam looks like spending very little time at the brain injury clinic.
  4. Evening walking – It’s actually too hot and sunny to walk at 7 o’clock in the morning at the moment. At 7:30pm I don’t need sunscreen and the temperature is much more pleasant.
  5. Annabelle and her cute comment today – It gave me a little laugh and like my mum I love to laugh.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Funny, I’m totally a morning person – up at 6am without an alarm clock, so my ‘messes’ appear at the end of the day.
    It’s a real discipline for me to not leave clutter on the sofa, dining table or work surfaces before I head off to bed, so I need to take heed of your advise at the other end of my day 🙂

    • Hi Mrs Green,
      I like both morning and night it makes no difference too me. I spend so much time at home these days that I have no excuse for a mess any time. That’s not so say they never appear in fact right now I can see a pair of my sons skate shoes parked in my kitchen. Nothing new about that though, heaven forbid he should ever just put them in the shoe cupboard on his way through the front door.

  2. I am not a morning person but I am not a cluttered one and I get up earlier than I would like to. When I say I am not a morning person it is because I would rather sleep in until about 10 and then stay up later at night. Plus my body is stiff and achy in the mornings. But my life has been that of a morning person because my work required me be up early. I also live with a mother who IS a morning person and you can’t get much sleep with her around. Grin. I trained myself to get up. I have never had the problem of leaving a mess because I get up in plenty of time to have the time I need and I have always been one to do the things you suggested. Like you I think that we can train ourselves to do anything we need to do like that IF WE WANT TO.

    • Hi Deb J,
      I am glad to hear your story. You are proof of what I said in this post, even though you prefer the night you know what is required of you and just get on with it.
      I remember when I was a teenager and I stayed at my Godparent’s house for a week and every moring when my Godfather woke their 20 year old son he made the biggest fuss. For one the parents shouldn’t have had to wake him up and two he had to be up to go to work so why did he make such of fuss of it every single day. it is one of those memories that has just stuck with me.

      • Colleen,

        I know what you mean. I have a friend who has a hard time sleeping and gets up at all hours. The big reason is because she has NO ROUTINE for anything. I keep telling her to get a good sleeping pill from her doctor for a week and then a good routine time to go to bed. The pill will help her get in the routine of going to sleep right away and the routine time will help her get used to going to bed at the same time. After a week or so of this she will soon have a routine and will do fine. She refuses to do it because she wants to do what she wants to do. So she pays for it all the time. Some people you just can’t get through to.

        • Hi Deb J,
          I agree sometimes it takes a little medication to get on the straight and narrow so you can learn a new routine the quick way. Some people are really reluctant to use medications for anything though for fear of side effects of addiction. Disturbed sleeping patterns can be really bad news in the long term though and well worth trying to correct. If I am not mistaken Elvis Presley’s biggest health issue was sleep deprivation and we know where that got him. Mind you that is a good argument against taking medication too but everything in moderation right.

  3. I have also learned to be an AM person because of work. The only way I can make it is to have an evening routine in which I do as much as I can in advance. This includes lunch made, clothes selected and out, purse ready to go and even my coffee mug and water bottle in the fridge.I can then go on auto pilot for the hour it takes to get ready and leave.

    • Hi JessieJack,
      you hit the nail on the head there – Auto Pilot – that is what a person needs to train themselves to do and not just getting off on time but leaving the place tidy behind them as they leave.

  4. Even though I’m not the wake up early and be happy person, I do lay my morning clothes and accesories out the night before. Makes it so much easier for my sleep-fogged brain when I don’t have to make any momentous decisions about apparel before the fog clears.

    • Hi Willow,
      it seems to be unanimous even though people may not wake feeling their best it is still possible to be organised if they set sensible routines to start their day right.

  5. I love my bed time routine it is the most important routine of my day. I lay out my clothes down to shoes and jewellery. I put my bags by the door, make sure my lunch is ready in the fridge. This is the routine that I really miss if I forget it. And yes I am not a morning person.

    • Hi Cathryn,
      there is nothing wrong with not being a morning person only if it is used as an excuse for being a slob. You have got it all sorted out and have got the right strategies in place to make your mornings more bearable. Good for you!

  6. Actually, there are people who are not morning people. It isn’t just a state of mind; it’s a state of body. My favorite part about getting old is that I need much less sleep, so now I stay up past 11 and get up around 5 or 5:30, thus I’m able to take advantage of many more hours to get things done.

  7. I just found you, and here I am starting to de-clutter but checking the computer for a green plastic toaster with cardboard toast. I found a box of my toys from 1940s, and since I didn’t know where they were (boxed up in 2001), I decided I’d donate them to the cancer resale shop. The little house with all the furniture is about 5″ x 7.5″–they are super easy to clean. Submerge the whole house. My husband is an architect; I’m a librarian. I say declutter first, then build the storage, but he wants the storage cabinets built first before he declutters. I told him storage is like money–you use whatever you have, but I think I’ve lost the battle.

    • Hi Norma,
      It is a shame you are losing the battle about the storage cabinets but never mind you can always leave them empty. When I was part way through my decluttering my husband kept holding me back from getting rid of storage items around out house, boxes, shelves, drawers and free standing cabinets. Slowly but surely though as the items from inside them disappeared it was him that was saying “I think this can go now”.
      Maybe you should have a quick surge of decluttering the easier stuff now before he gets a chance to build the cabinets so he can see that they won’t be needed.

      By the way Norma, I don’t believe we have heard your voice before today so thank you for dropping by and welcome to 365lessthings. We would love to hear from you often and know how you are progressing with your decluttering so comment as often as you like and we will do our best to encourage you along the way.

  8. I’m a morning person, up about an hour before my husband. He makes the bed as soon as he gets up. Where’s the mess? You hang up your clothes when you take them off; you put out the next day’s clothes before retiring.

    • Hi Norma,
      I could agree more. I actually wrote this post in the hope that my daughter would read it. Her bedroom is always a hopeless mess even though I have encouraged her and set good examples to be tidy all her life she has a hard time complying. Oh well there is always hope, I know because I was messy once to.

      • Ha ha! I confess that as I read this post, my thought was, “The Mother is coming through clearly in this one.”

        I was right! 🙂