Day 210 Another daily declutterer

I received a comment the other day from Stephanie who hadn’t contributed to the conversation before. I don’t know if you have noticed but I always like to jump over and check out the blogs of my new commenters to see what they have to say. Stephanie like me has begun decluttering an item a day and she is only at day seven but going well.

The object of my blog today is to ask you all to go over and have a look at Stephanie’s Blog and give her some encouragement. Stephanie is not new to decluttering just reading her blog it seems she started in 2009. It would be nice if we could all get behind her and help spur her on.

I remember when I first started blogging about my challenge I am fairly sure I was writing to myself for the first few weeks at least and I really did wonder why I was bothering. Now I am at almost 100 subscriptions and I don’t know what my average daily reader count is at the moment but I think it was about 250 a month ago. It certainly keeps me going knowing there are so many people behind me wishing me well and encouraging me to keep going.

Today I just want to share the love and give Stephanie a reason to keep at it. So jump on over, leave a comment if you like and wish her well.


A few more kitchen items that are excess to my needs
Old Baking Trays

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hey Colleen – I think that’s a cool little anecdotal story about your personal blogging journey. Also, thanks for sending me to another reader! It’s interesting seeing so many different people’s stories. I see similarities in the general agendas and goals but also a lot of different backgrounds too which is fun to read for me.

    • Hi Reggie,
      yes, every person has a different story and a different twist on how they deal with the clutter. Sometimes it is just one little ah ha sentence in a post that opens our eye to new possibilities.

  2. I’ve been moving for the last year. It’s at times like moving that I wish I could just vaporize all my belongings and start again. But, that’s not really all that practical or cost-effective :D. Your blog has been a real inspiration to me lately. I think it helps to think of it as a daily task – it’s not so overwhelming that way and it’s more like a game.

    Thanks and keep up the blogging!

    • Hi Rose,
      thanks for dropping in with your first comment. It is kind words like this that keep me going every day. I know what you mean about having your stuff vaporized it sure would save a lot of difficult decision making.
      I had a look at your blog and I am envious of your drawing skills. I am sure I could improve mine but I am just too impatient to practice at this point in time. Maybe the time will be right for me later on, one is never to old to learn a new skill or improve one.

  3. Hi Colleen,

    Thank you SO much for the shout out! =) I believe there is a growing interest in how people can simplify their lives and so I am thrilled at being a part of this community. Right now I am focusing on the de-cluttering , but I plan on blogging about other aspects of lifestyle change in the future.

    Take care,


    • Hi Stephanie,
      it is my pleasure to bring attention to your blog. I know how encourged I got with a little bit of attention. Needy person that I am! lol
      I have been over for a read this morning and I see some of my readers have left you comments, thanks to them for taking an interest. I will look forward to seeing what you a shedding everyday. Like Calico ginger said, “With each item that gets listed I think – have I got stuff like that?” and that inspires us to look twice at it and decide whether it really means anything to us or should we just let it go. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi,
    I don’t normally comment but I wanted to let you know i’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. You have inspired me on my own personal decluttering journey. I have been slowly downsizing & re-evaluating my personal belongings. I have been listing heaps of my clothes/furniture etc on ebay and taking other items to the local op shop. I am constantly picking out more items that i’m not using.
    I have also been able to spruce up old items & repurpose others.
    I now mainly shop at op shops & carefully consider each new purpose.
    Your blog provides me with fantastic inspiration and it is lovely to share ideas with others out there.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Imogen,
      thank you so much for your kind words. Please feel free to comment as often as you like. It seems that we are on a similar journey and I am sure you have a lot of useful insight you could share with us. I am glad my little ramblings are helping you in some way and if there ever is a subject you would like me to tackle I am sure I could give it my best shot.
      Thanks again and happy reading

  5. I’ll pop over there right now.

  6. Thanks for tuning us in to Stephanie’s blog. Her post yesterday on collections (and the importance of not telling anyone about them) really hit home with me.

    • Hi Donna,
      I used to collect elephants once. I soon decided that was a great idea when I had to move house the first time. I sold them all and rid myself of the burden.

  7. So, my blog has nothing to do with the theme you’re running, but rather with running 🙂 However, I am very big on frugality (thus addicted to PF blogs) and on de-cluttering (oh, yeah). Having to move every 2 years at least makes my obsession with getting rid of stuff lots of fun. My second husband (who is far from a pat-rack, but also not an extreme case as I am) is wondering sometimes if he’ll wake up one morning and find himself sleeping on the floor, or if he’d have anything to wear next day. OK, that’s a joke. Anyhow, keep writing, and thanks.

    • Hi Olga,
      it is nice of you to drop in and say hello, welcome to my blog. It sounds like you are the opposite of a hoarder or maybe you exagerate a little. lol
      My husband needs to tell me to settle down every now and again also. I will empty a piece of furniture and want to immediately offload it to the thrift shop but he points out that we should wait until we know what we are left with and how it should be arranged before we go giving away the useful items. He is probably right but we will see in the end, although I keep being told that there is no end.
      Good luck with your decluttering and moving and at least wait until the bed is cold before you hock it. Ha Ha!

  8. It feels so good to let go of things that are no longer important in our lives. Every time I haul a box to a thrift donation spot it feels so great and I wonder why I kept the item so long.

    • Hi Erin S,
      it is a good feeling isn’t it. For one you are getting rid fo the stuff and two you are donating it and helping others. I think back at some of the stuff I have gotton rid of and wonder not only why I kept it so long but why I bought is in the first place. Thank goodness there is also stuff that I have gotten rid of that I know I got more than my money’s worth out of and they served me well while I needed them.

  9. I read all of Stephanie’s posts yesterday after I read her comment on your post. Enjoyed it all and looking forward to more. Thanks!

  10. I’ve been reading your blog daily and wanted to thank you for sharing your blog with all of us. I love a clean, simple house. Growing up we didn’t have much. When we came to the States everything changed. My parents gave us everything they thought we might want or need. This cause allot of cluttered in our home. When I got married, had two kids, the stuff continue to over flow my home. I started reading leaving simple and minimalist blogs. I now love my simple life. I’ve been de-cluttering my home and continue to do so each day. Now I am teaching my Girls to be content with what they have and having more things won’t make you happy. Happiness is now being able to spend some time with my Girls teaching them and playing with them. Instead of cleaning, organizing and going to the Mall. I now lived a minimalist life, well getting their each day and will continue to do so. With blogs like yours to encourage the World. Please continue to write as you are helping so many people like me. I normally don’t leave comments but I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Have a wonderful weekend and keep up your clutter free home. I love your blog. One more thing I thought I mention that my DH is a clutter bug; he loves to shop specially on line. My Girls know Mr. Brown  UPS, and Fed ex by their first name.

    • Hi Angelina,
      thank you for taking the time to leave me such a lovely comment. I love to hear from all of my readers. The first thing I do each day is read the comments and respond to each and every one of them (time permitting). I think it is polite and enjoyable to respond to every one who took the time to share their thoughts with me and my other readers. We can all help each other so please feel free to leave a comment whenever you have something to share with us. Sometimes even the things you think might be quite trivial can be a real ah ha moment for someone else.
      Your story is a beautiful one and you are doing the best for your girls by teaching them not to me materialistic. Like you said time together is better than time at the Mall.
      Here’s hoping your husband will see the error of his ways and join the simple life with you. I am lucky that my husband is fully on board with the decluttering and is actually as good or maybe better at it than me.
      I wish you a happy and minimalist life.


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