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Day 202 How much hard work does this item cost.

I found this clever shopping deterrent strategy when reading my comments yesterday and I thought I would share it with you. Here is what Jacquie, who was inspired by Gogol's buy it back approach, had to say... Along the same lines as Gogol, if I am thinking of buying something new, I use an ‘earning money’ analogy. I use a basic hourly rate and say to myself “If I had to work for (how ever many hours to earn the cost of the item) and at the end all I was given was this item – do I like it enough or want it badly enough to do that? Often the answer is no. I can now use the Continue reading

Day 201 Helping hands

On Day 186 I asked for your help with examples of friends helping friends declutter. I received several emails from some very helpful people how had some wonderful experiences to share with you all. Here is what our friends had to say... Cindy I have quite a bit of experience with this. My friend Holly and I have done it five times, in segments of about three hours each. The first time, the kids were playing together and I did not want to just sit around, so I asked if there was anything she needed help doing, and we went through her whole wardrobe. She tried on, and I "yeahed" and "nayed", Continue reading

Day 200 Sharing publications

I happened to see 5 minutes of an old Bewitched rerun this morning on television before I went to work. It struck me as amusing that this episode started out with a magazine subscription seller coming to Samantha's door. Bewitched was filmed between 1964 and 1972 and even back then subscription sellers were harassing people to buy their wears. I lived in Seattle between 2000 and 2007 and I remember how sad it was that these companies ripped these poor people away from their families to locations thousands of miles away in the vain hope that if they sell enough they will climb to the next rung Continue reading

Day 199 Alternatives to clutter gifts

Below I have listed some alternatives to clutter gifts. By clutter gifts I mean anything that is not consumable or an act of service that will remain in your home after it is has been used. Edible Treats Chocolate/Candy Cake (provide a cake for someones happy occasion) Fruit basket (what could be more colorful or healthy than that) Bottle of wine / 6 pack of Boutique Beer... A home cooked meal is always a treat for a special occasion A cookie basket Take them out to dinner/lunch/ breakfast etc Gift Certificate Dining Out Hardware Groceries Spa Continue reading

Day 198 Home Contents Insurance

I was on my way to the thrift store with yet another load of donations yesterday and I was naturally thinking about the amount of stuff that has left my home over the last three years. I have lost count of the number of times I have loaded up my car with the same crates full of odds and ends and driven across town to the Lifeline shop on Hubbard Street. During the drive I got to wondering what it will be like the next time we pack up our household to move to a new location. Due to the nature of our removal contract we have to do a complete inventory of our belongings for insurance reasons Continue reading

Day 197 Gogol’s declutter approach

Yesterday at about 10:40pm I was finally getting around to reading the new comments on my blog when I found one from Gogol who hadn't commented before. I enjoyed it so much and I thought you would to. It is an interesting approach to declutter decision making that I don't think I had heard of before. It runs along the same line as putting all your stuff out in the garage and only bring items back into the house if you really feel they are worthy but with a different twist. Gogol if  you are out there reading this  leave a commet and tell us a little about yourself. Here is what Gogol Continue reading

Day 196 Keys to staying decluttered

A place for everything and everything in it's place! If you always know where everything is you won't need to replace it because you can't find it. Know the difference between need and want It is easy to convince yourself that something you want is something you need. Don't be fooled by this. Only shop for what you need This one speaks for itself, if you aren't bringing anything you don't need into your home it will stay uncluttered. Make it clear you don't want clutter gifts If you plan ahead with this one it will save a lot of embarrassment of refusing to accept such Continue reading

Day 195 Computer clutter

I don't usually write about computer clutter in my blog as it is not really an area of expertise for me. However I am going to mention it today because it can be a problem for some. I would like to concentrate on email clutter. I am not actually talking from a personal level here more from a professional point of view. It can be very annoying when you share a computer, specifically email, in he work place with  people who are not very computer savvy. The idea of using folders to sort emails is alien to some and even deleting unnecessary emails does not seem to be a priority. Therefore the Continue reading

Day 194 Too good to use

I received an email from Cindy recently with a list of topics she thought would be good to address on my blog. The one I chose for today is an issue I am sure we have all come across during our decluttering efforts. This is one of those dilemma decluttering issues. Here is some examples Cindy had to share with us... The trouble with owning something "too good to use" One on my friends started using her "good" dishes after hearing this story: A woman who had married a widower was using the good dishes of the previous, now deceased wife. She (the first wife) had never used the dishes, Continue reading

Day 193 Public toilet clutter

You are probably wondering where on earth I am going with this post today and what decluttering has to do with public toilets. Well I am fairly sure you are going to think I have lost the plot when you are done reading this post but I just don't care. I have a pet peeve which has inspired me to start my own mini revolution here and you can either join me or not but it is something I hope catches on. I hate hand driers they take too long to dry your hands. Couple that with the fact that half the time they either aren't working properly or don't work at all it can be very annoying. Not to Continue reading