Day 177 Recycle

R E C Y C L E         R E C Y C L E


The Word for Today  is so simple yet so important. If you are not using something then it is just taking up space. There are so many ways to RECYCLE your unwanted goods that very little should go to waste.

  • RECYCLE by giving things you don’t want to a charity, friends, family or even a casual acquaintance.
  • RECYCLE by selling your items on through web sites like ebay or advertise in you local newspaper or through you work Intranet.
  • RECYCLE by putting all unwanted items made of cardboard, paper, metal or recyclable plastic in your recycle bin. All those old tax papers, storage boxes, school papers etc fall into this category.
  • RECYCLE by sending your old computer components to companies that dismantle, recycle and dispose of this items responsibly.
  • RECYCLE by re-purposing an object. I used the fabric out of an old pair of my husbands jeans to make a patchwork calendar holder. My mother-in-law uses old fabrics to make handbags. You know I use old cardboard boxes to make my ebay packaging. An old teapot makes a lovely planter pot. This is just a drop in the bucket of ideas for re-purposing.
  • RECYCLE by repairing items rather than throwing them away. Sew on a button, stitch up a hem, replace a hinge, put a new clasp on that old necklace you love, re-paint an object and give it a new lease on life. Take a class and learn a new skill you can use to carry out these tasks with ease. Hardware stores often offer free classes on household repairs and there are no end to the places in your local community where you can learn skills of all kinds.
  • RECYCLE by googling. This may sound strange but there is so much you can learn with a little investigation on the Internet. Search for “How to repair…” or “Alternate use for…”  or “local charities” it is that easy.

So when it comes to RECYCLING your clutter the choices are endless so please don’t just send your unwanted items to landfill let someone else get the most out of them if you aren’t.


One more for the donation box


Water Jug

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Recycle your LOVE by sending it to someone else. KISSES to you Colleen for a great post today.

    • Hi Cindy,
      Thank you for that Cindy, what a great concept and what a lovely person you are. Here are some KISSES for you too XXX. Have a lovely day.

  2. I’m slowly making my way thru the archives–usually on Sat. afts. like today. Odd how during the week there is a lot of e-mail, but on weekends it drops off, and there is time to read other things. So many good ideas on your blogs. I guess we’ve been repurposing for a long time, since a toothpaste box enchanted our babies as a new toy, and an oatmeal round type box was a real find for a toddler–a drum, storage for toys, etc.

    • Hi Nana, I am glad you are enjoying your voyage through the archives. You are so right there is nothing like a container, big small or otherwise, to entertain a child with. All that money that is spent on toys is mostly a waste at that age because a box can keep them entertained for hours if not days. Oh, and paper mache with your children using old newspapers and cornstarch glue can provide endless entertainment not to mention ooooey gooey stress relief.