Day 96 Sunscreen multiplies and expires

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  1. I’m glad you wrote about expiration dates on sunscreens, I think most people are not even aware that you should not hold onto last year’s bottle as the product loses it’s potency.
    Knowing about this, I still managed to throw out 4 bottles this month, 3 of the bottles were actually failed attempts to find a new great one I would love.
    Did not work out that way, have to accept that I’m a drugstore chain’s version kinda gal!

    • Hi Andrea, there is nothing wrong with drugstore brand products you are often only paying for the name on the label with the “trendy” brands anyway. That goes for a lot of cosmetic and toiletry items too, make-up moisturisers, shampoo etc. It would be great if someone would develope a sunscreen that streads easily and doesn’t feel oily on your skin though, I would be happy to pay more money for that.

  2. I just read a tip recently on saving money on sunscreen. Skip the special purpose sunscreens and go look for a lotion with the same sunscreen SPF that you would normally buy. They might not make lotions with 50+, but you can use lower SPF and just apply more often.

    • Good tip Carmen. I love any product that can double as something else. That’s one less item that needs to be lurking in the bathroom cabinet and since it is multi-purpose it is more likely to get used up before it reaches its used by date. I use a tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 instead of foundation when putting on make-up so I suppose I am using three products in one, good for me.