Non-Emergency Supplies

These two comments, from Sanna and Ideealistin, kicked of the responses to yesterdays Mini Mission post.  They make a great point about how we don't need to be cluttering up our homes with stocks of items that in no way constitute emergency supplies. Especially when one spare is enough or in some cases aren't even crucial. How often do you urgently need an envelope, a scented candle, four cigarette lighters or a can of fly spray. And how far ahead do we really need to restock these items before they run out. Do you really need to have another bottle of shampoo waiting in the wings Continue reading

Toiletries ~ My solution

My Bathroom Cabinet. You will notice two tubes of toothpaste ~ I am not sure how that happened. There are two deodorants for me but that is because one is almost empty. When I asked readers to write in about topics they wanted me to discuss here at 365 Less Things Shirls sent in this request... What to do with the dozens of body lotions and shower creams people keep giving me as gifts or that I’ve bought myself. My skin has become super sensitive in my old age and these products irritate rather than soothe. Trouble is, having opened them I can’t regift them or donate to the charity shop. Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Under Cindy’s Bathroom Sink

These photos are the result of a 10 minute clean up under my bathroom sink. It took me longer to actually get all the items to their new homes, but the decluttering itself was a breeze and look at the difference. I removed and found new homes for: 12 bottles of nail polish (neighbor) a foot scrub brush (this was broken apart - some recycled, some trashed) 2 Aveda Be Curly hair products (neighbor) Color Me Beautiful color guide (Anyone else remember Color Me Beautiful? trash) a large box of latex gloves (moved to the paint supplies, which is where they're more useful) 4 Continue reading

Day 171 The end of the Use It Up challenge

Hi everyone, How did you all go with the Use It Up challenge? I am quite happy with my efforts, not only because I got rid of a few things but it also encouraged me to do a bit of craft.  I was excited about getting through as many "left over bits" as possible. My plan is to keep going with the challenge for myself until I have depleted a lot more of my craft supplies and a few more toiletry products. Here is the list of things I used up... A box of adhesive tabs (craft supply) The last of a roll of Terrificly Tacky Tape (craft supply) The last of a tube of craft glue A bottle Continue reading

Day 161 Regarding the Use It Up challenge

I received a lot of comments on Tuesday regarding the Use It UP challenge it seems there are lot of readers out there who can relate to this topic. We have already discovered alternative uses for two products.. Mouthwash can be used for several different things according to The Frugal Duchess. Shampoo can be put in your liquid soap container and used as a hand cleaner according to Patricia in her comment. I suppose you could also use it as a body wash like my son does when he washes his hair. I also have a post from back on day 77 with my take on multipurpose uses for cleaning Continue reading

Day 159 Use it up

I want to lay down a challenge this week to all you readers out there. THE CHALLENGE Find at least 5 consumable items in your home that have been lingering on a shelf somewhere. My definition of consumable is something that can be depleted or worn out by use.  Concentrate on choosing these items over similar items you prefer to use until they are all used up and no longer cluttering up your home. Possible reasons for lingering didn't live up to expectation for some reason you just stopped using it just have so many of a similar item to choose from bought a similar item you Continue reading

Day 116 Cheap solution to shower clutter

Today's item is this rusty shower caddy. How many of these items have passed through our home over the last 23 years I couldn't say but it has been quite a few. I am yet to find one that didn't go rusty after about 2 years. There must be one out there in the market that is made of a substance that doesn't perish  with such monotonous regularity. I know they only cost about $20-$30 but I'm stingy and I expect more for my 30 bucks. So I have come up with a cheap alternative to this design. I have purchased 4 plastic coated hooks with screws on the end at a grand total of $2 and I have Continue reading

Day 107 Unclutter the ironing basket

Now I know that uncluttering your ironing basket doesn't actually remove anything from your house but it sure would lighten your To-Do List leaving more time for real de-cluttering. Speaking from someone who spent at least three hours slaving over a hot iron today, I am up for any suggestion as to how to reduce this workload. It would certainly help if we bought clothes with less cotton content and more in the way of  poly/cotton blend. I put fabric softener in all my loads to try to cut down on the wrinkles and I am sure that helps but not enough. I also hang the clothes on an airing Continue reading

Day 96 Sunscreen multiplies and expires

Although my toiletries are one of those things I have well and truly under control, sometimes certain items do seem to multiply and then reach their expiry date while I'm not looking. Sunscreen is one of those items that tends to do this due to a number of reasons like... An unplanned trip to the beach where a "pink pelt" like me has to lather on the sunscreen or that pink soon turns to blistered red so you duck to the nearest convenience store to buy a bottle. A planned trip to the beach where you forget the sunscreen and rather than go all the home you are forced to buy another Continue reading

Day 79 Use ‘m or lose ‘m

Another place that I have found lots of the same thing tends to accumulate over time is in the bathroom cabinet. Bottles of moisturiser in particular have this tendency. Someone gives you one as a gift, you pick up a couple at a motel you stayed at or a friend has a Body Shop party and you feel obliged to buy something and so on until there are five slightly used bottles/tubes you use on a rotational basis taking up a lot of space. My solution is to chose one today use it and only it until it is empty then move on to the next one until you are down to one and only buy another when that one is Continue reading