Mini Mission ~ Tuesday 19Dec2017

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  • Mini Mission ~ Thursday 21Dec2017 Declutter your fridge of out of date items or by using up as much as possible before adding more. With the holiday season here you will likely need every inch of spare space.
  • Mini Mission ~ Wednesday 20Dec2017 Declutter by recycling some items. That mound ofused takeout containers, old newspapers and magazines, paperwork that needs shredding, glass jars you set aside in case you have a use for […]
  • Mini Mission ~ Friday 22Dec2017 Declutter a couple of old shabby shoes that you no long choose to use.
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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I got rid of about 6 larger boxes recently that I had been saving. I don’t keep but a tiny bit of inside box type packaging on hand to recycle when I need it. Maybe one piece of bubble wrap. Tomorrow, I will be recycling a sheet of Christmas paper I got on a gift at church Sunday to wrap a gift. I don’t normally do gifts, so don’t keep holiday paper, but I have a gift for my sister this year.
    Yes, call me Scrooge.