Mini Mission ~ Tuesday 19Dec2017

Start a trial separation on an item or two that you are on the fence about letting go. Put this/these items in a out of the way place where you won't encounter them on a daily basis and wait to see if you seek them out. If they haven't been used or missed in a few months then I think it would be safe to say it is time to let them go. Continue reading

Easy Clean

Having just helped some folks clean their home, ahead of a rental inspection, I am once again reminded of how much more difficult cleaning is when there is so much clutter.  Things sitting out on display, whether that be for aesthetics, convenience or lack of cabinet space (due to them being cluttered), are prone to get dusty or, in the case of the kitchen area, also covered in grime. The more things out the higher degree of difficulty there is to achieve a good outcome on cleaning day. Not having a good working system for dealing with paperwork also adds another layer of mess to have Continue reading