Day 71 Dematerialise

The idea behind 365 less things is not only to rid our home of clutter but also not to replace that clutter with new clutter. I like to refer to it as “dematerialise”, that is to stop being a victim to the constant materialistic urge to keep up with the Jones or use “retail therapy” to put joy into my life.

I am now getting lots of joy sending things out to other homes that might need it more than I do and saving my hard earned cash to use where I feel I get more satisfaction, like travelling or going out for a nice meal somewhere special or paying off the mortgage quickly. These things may not appeal to you but maybe your old car isn’t going to last much longer and you keep thinking you can’t afford to replace it but at the same time you just spent $100 on that new blouse at Country Road and picked up the latest Bryce Courtney Novel you had been meaning to read. There goes $135 you won’t get back and you most likely couldn’t fit another item of clothing in your overstuffed closet and you could have borrowed the book from the library for free.

Think before you spend “Need, want, need, want” which is it and make the smart choice.

Today two pair of sneakers found their way to the garbage bin. Soon we won’t have to stack shoes on top of each other in the shoe cupboard.

Old Sneakers

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I definitely don’t need to downsize my shoe collection. I own 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of good brand comfortable sneakers and a nice pair of sandals. I will replace them and chuck them out when they wear out. the reason I don’t have more is because most shoes rub and are painful to wear. So I gave up years ago and resorted to sneakers and sandals.

    • Hi Low Income Lady,
      I really need a good pair of comfortable, lightweight, travel sandal but I am biding my time until I find just the perfect pair. I hate regrets when it comes to shopping more than I hate regrets when it comes to decluttering.

      • I know this was all a long time ago now, but have you tried the wonderful Rivers Stores? I get all my shoes there – well “ALL” is a bit wrong, I have very few. Like Low Income Lady, I find very few shoes that are comfortable, and I’m very lucky in that when I buy a size 37 in Rivers they always fit me so well. They’re well made, and very comfortable. They have great sandals, from very dressy to plain and comfy, they last for ages, and are very cheap. And to think I used to run for buses in the highest stilettos in the world, lol lol.

        • Hi Leah,
          I have looked at the rivers store but haven’t really found what I need yet. I am very happy to bide my time until I get just the right thing. I am a very practical shopper these days and longterm satisfaction means much more to me that instant gratification, I will find what I need eventually.