A thing a day ~ Day 2

I forgot to mention yesterday why it is, after so much decluttering has been done in my home over the years, that there is still excess stuff to be removed. And here is my explanation. 

My original goal was to reduce my belongings in order to fit into a smaller home. This goal was achieved with a little wriggle room. However I would like a little more than just wriggle room so the two bedroom apartment, that I now live in with my husband, feels a little cluttered to me. So this new goal of removing one thing a day for 30 days, and possibly more, is all about minimising further.

I imagine that this will involve a few harder decisions than before as I had reduced many areas to a point that I was happy with. Therefore I will have to get even more ruthless as to what I really get good use out of and what I don’t. I say this might be harder, but in reality I am keener to free up space than I am to keep things so it probably won’t be all that challenging for me. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Now a little about todays item. This pair of multi blade scissors was purchased, not so long ago, secondhand from a thrift store. I have a policy with items purchased this way and that is…

If it is cheap and secondhand then it is an eco-friendly purchase. If it used utilised enough within a certain amount of time then it can go back to where it came from.

I had purchased these scissors for crafting purchases for $1 at the thrift shop. They didn’t perform the task adaquately that I wanted them for so now they are being donated back.


It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Thank you for continuing on with your blog Colleen, you certainly help keep me inspired. I have been slowly decluttering my house over the years & with my last boxes sent off to the Salvos just the other week thought I was about at the point where I didn’t want to give anything else away. My house still has a bit of that cluttered feel to it though & I’m finding it’s all the stuff that’s hiding away in the cupboards & drawers. While it all seems to fit it is just too much stuff so that is going to be my focus over the next few weeks. Since I have recently been decluttered myself from my job I have plenty of time to do it!

    • Thank you Kathy and good luck on your continuing decluttering journey. I am mostly freeing up space in cupboards and drawers to and under beds. Lets hope we both have more success with this than we expect.

  2. Hi Colleen,

    I’m working to use up extra kitchen sponges, to get down to my favorite one. I’m also using up surplus hair conditioner (my married daughter left it). A couple of cosmetics (sparkle powder and blush) are being used on my 4 year old granddaughter – she loves it and I get rid of it! I’m going to try using up a lip liner I like and then using up the same kind but different color I bought that I’m not so crazy about then trying a lip balm my daughter gave me… I’m not sure I can do this last one though because I really like that first lip stuff… I might miss it too much LOL

    I’m using up composition type notebooks (small)… This can take a while since it’s paper. I like to write chores and lists of purchases that I need to make and phone call details and travel plans in the notebook. But I really fill each page before tearing it out… slow progress but better than no progress 🙂

    Have fun in Japan! My neighbor was there recently and said they don’t label their fast food in English. You have to know Japanese to know what you are ordering :p

    • Peggy, sometimes I think you might be my twin sister!!! I, too, am using up sponges and paper tablets and notebooks and note pads. I have been writing a friend and I think I used up about 5 full size pads of different colors. Hurray!!! Also, concentrating on using up my many small note pads for To-Do lists so I can get down to the favorites. It is a slow go and makes me realize one doesn’t need to have any pads ahead of time because they last so long. But, it’s that danged paper fetish that makes me do it. I’m reformed, though!!!

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! It’s a good time to be thankful no matter where we live!!

    • Hi Peggy, funny you should mention notebooks because I had a go at them yesterday and will feature this week. I had several that had only a few pages left so I cut them up for my grocery list and tossed out the covers. It inspired me to empty the entire drawer that they were in and now I have an empty drawer. Woohoo!
      Good luck using up the make up and sponges. And I especially wish you the patients to use up the lip products and not resort to replacing your favourite until the others are all gone.

  3. I have too many pairs of scissors. It’s the case of “as there’s so many we don’t take care of the ones we have”. If we had fewer, we’d put them back so they can be found. Actually, I have one pair of fabric scissors and so I always put it away. Need to do this with craft and paper scissors and donate the rest.

  4. Hello all! I think it’s been a couple of years since I’ve written in. I got sidetracked by emotional upheavals, but doing well now. I’m glad Colleen is continuing on with the blog. I had been doing pretty good with not bring much new stuff into the house, but things are “creeping” back in. I made a nice donation to the local charity shop a few weeks ago and got rid of a bunch of clothing. Time to get back into keeping the bad out and letting the good in. Oh, and if you are curious, Moni, I still have that damn ugly afghan. 😉

    • Michelle – Not the ugly afghan!

      • Dang it – I posted a reply and then my computer wigged out. Yes, the U-G-L-Y one. I’m going to regift it this year . . . maybe. 😉

    • Hi Michelle, it is nice to hear from you again. I can relate to the emotional upheavals, I have had quite a year of that myself. Hopefully 2017 will be a better year for all of us. Your will be so much better I am sure if you start it out by getting rid of that afghan. 😉

      • Hello Colleen! So good to hear from you, as well. I’m also hoping that 2017 is a good year for all of us – I’m sure it will be! We all just need to learn to let some things go – – – like ugly afghans, as well as bad feelings. LOL

  5. Getting back on the one item a day sure worked for me. So far a metal Christmasy (deer on it) box, 2 new men’s deodorants, bobby pins, hair clips, and nail clippers–all noticed while putting something away or getting something out. It seems to help to have the one a day mental attitude or I might not have thought to donate these items. This time of year it is hard to do a big job anyway.

  6. Hi Colleen and all others,
    long time no read! How happy I was, when I read that you were deciding to blog again! I missed the inspiration, but was doing quite alright by myself: I had a go at the minimalism game, I am following the one in and one out rule and I am still living happily with my super reduced kitchen.
    BUT there is still some way to go! I will move in with my girlfriend within the next couple of months… (yeah, I did have a boyfriend back then, but now I have a girlfriens ;-))
    So here I pledge my declutter words: I will accompany you again with one thing a day. For yesterday and today I will take two pens to work.

    • Lol, you’re not the only one with a girlfriend although I married mine ;o)
      I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Colleen’s posts which are always inspiring plus everyone else’s journey through decluttering (love hearing about Deb J and her new home !)
      I’d been trying to work on the study yesterday but without much success, only managed to clear 2 cds (doubles though :o) ). They’ll go onto Mum’s magic table at work – she has a table outside her office which she puts all kinds of items that are leaving her house and anyone can take it for free. Probably helps she works at a university ;o)

      • Good luck with you decluttering too Katherine. And congratulations on having the right in your country to marry who you wish. I hope you will live happily ever after. My husband and I are soon to reach our 3oth anniversary and still going strong.

    • Hi Lena, I am very pleased that you have a new relationship that is working out nicely for you. Hopefully like Katherine you might join us old married folk one day. Hopefully also the laws will be changed in Australia soon and people here will also be able to marry whoever they want if that is what they want.
      And good luck with your A Thing A Day challenge.

  7. Colleen, I tried a pair of those scissors at a store once and I now what you mean. They don’t really do whet you want them for. I think they are a waste of money. Good thing to declutter.