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Steve writes occasional posts for 365 Less Things and is Colleen's husband, web designer and tech support.

Reverse 100 Thing Challenge ~ A guest post by my husband

In October, Courtney Carver at Be More with Less created the Reverse 100 Things Challenge; the aim is to reduce your personal objects by 100 items by December 15. An interesting challenge that I immediately forgot about until it reappeared in my Flipboard feed yesterday. Do we have 100 things left to declutter? Colleen started her one thing a day quest in January 2010, and almost a thousand things have left our lives over the last three years. Could I even find 100 more items to move on to a new home? I grabbed a few items that had been earmarked for removal, rummaged through the Continue reading

My Mammoth Bookcase and Dresser Declutter Mission Part 2 ~ By Moni Gilbert

Its hard to believe it has been a month since I started on my mammoth mission to declutter my bookcase and DVD cabinet.   If you missed it, I have a large bookcase - the last one of three - that was stuffed full of books, CDs, video cassettes, photo albums, reference books all of which need to be sorted thru or digitised.   In our other lounge is a Balinese dresser that houses our huge DVD collection.   The master plan is to have these two items plus contents eliminated by the summer holidays. I am at a space with this project where there isn't much in the way of transformation to be Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Life Edited

My husband found this Ted video and of course I had to share it with you all. I also suggest you take a look at the website LifeEdited.org Continue reading

Day 334 Clutter as Art

A guest post by my hubby Steve In 1998, UK artist Tracey Emin unveiled My Bed, literally her unmade bed and the crap that lay on and around it. By presenting her bed as art she became famous, some may say infamous, as one of Britain's great contemporary artists. Well, you do not have to be infamous to use the excess stuff in your home to create an artistic expression that can either become a focal point in your home or sold. Here are two examples: Steam punk ray gun I have an old hand wood drill that sat unused in my tool chest for nearly 30 years, sentimental clutter because it belonged Continue reading

Day 329 How to Bring Home the Memories without the Clutter

A guest post by My Darling Husband, you can read more of his travel tales on his blog. After a month of souvenir assaults in Italy, Colleen and I managed to return home with just four new items; a t-shirt for Liam, glass bead earrings for Colleen, a book of our Venice tour (included in the tour cost) and a wonderful etching of Florence purchased from a local artisan. They all have special memories attached to them. Colleen's earrings match the necklace she bought in Venice during our first visit there in 2005, the etching evokes the splendour of Florence and the book helps us relive our Continue reading

Day 250 Reducing your Travel Clutter

Another guest post by my husband. You'll never meet a traveller who, after five trips, brags: "Every year I pack heavier." Rick Steves - Travel Writer These words echo in my head every time I pack for trip, whether business or pleasure, reducing the amount of stuff I carry always makes for a more enjoyable time. Whenever I travel with colleagues, they are amazed by my small bag and unable to imagine how they could do it. Packing light is easier than they think and anyone can reduce their luggage to a manageable size with some planning and preparation. Colleen and I are committed to only Continue reading