Day 133 Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day has come and gone for another year and I am pleased to say that I received wonderful gifts from the heart and no clutter.

My son who is a Fine Arts student at university drew a self portrait in ink for me which I have framed and put on the wall beside the collage of photos and drawings her had done previously of his sister. He signed it and finger printed it so that when he is rich and famous I would be able to sell it and make my fortune (Just kidding sort of).

My daughter who is late with her gift as usual is putting a book together about me with photos and her feeling on what a wonderful person I am. At least that had better be the case or I could soon cut off her education allowance (Just kidding sort of). The book she made for her father was wonderful so I am looking forward to reading mine.

My husband made me a cup of tea in bed and then took me for coffee before I went to work (Yes, I know there should be a law against mothers having to work on Mothers Day). He also cooked a lovely roast dinner and cleaned everything up afterwards which was really quite a treat.

So as you see it is possible to spend next to nothing but a little bit of time and effort to make an occasion very special. I will treasure these gifts forever.

In case you are thinking that the book and drawing may be considered as clutter I have sacrificed one large book out of my bookcase to make way for these two pricious items. This book will not appear as one of my decluttering items because it is a trade off.


Today we have another installment of the snow gear eBay sales. These two items fetched $46.00.

Ski Pants 2Ski Jacket Youth

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  1. I am enjoying reading all your posts. Your blog is reminding me to decluttering something every day. My sil and I are both focusing on ridding our houses of xx number of items each day.

    • Hi Willow,
      nice to hear from you. Good luck to you and your sil with your decluttering efforts. It really is a beautiful feeling when the space starts to expand around you.

  2. That sounds like a lovely day. I’m a big fan of no material presents too. Usually the family goes bowling or plays mini-golf (yes, I do find that fun!) but this year I just asked for a home-made cake and cards, and my husband made a delicious roast dinner. Yum.

    • Hi Loretta,
      bowling and mini-golf sounds like fun to me. When my children were young and not in high school I used to give them the day off from school on their birthdays and we would go to lunch and do something like bowling or the movies. Just one on one fun it was great.