Day 142 One inspired reader

Here is a section of an inspiring email I received from one of my readers last week.

Deborah Hayden writes….

Your blog inspired me to start what I call a Rathole a Day. Every day I take one area – a drawer, a shelf, a box, the refrigerator—whatever pops up and I declutter it. The rule is I take everything out, clean the space and put everything back. In the process, I throw away (recycle, donate) what is obvious but I don’t make myself crazy deciding about everything. This is a blitz first pass. When I have done everything once, I’ll go into Phase 2 and make more refined decisions, but in the meantime, I will have demystified all those ratholes and dark corners full of objects and everything will be clean. So far I’m up to Day 15– I started May 1 — and I’ve made amazing progress. Where will I be in 365 days I wonder? I’m keeping it simple.

Along the way, my mantra is if I have it in my space, it must be beautiful or useful. That means sometimes upgrading instead of just getting rid of.

I was so happy to receive this email as I am to receive any encouraging feedback and stories of people who have been inspired to make their homes simply comfortable, peaceful places to be. Deb is well on her way to doing this and I look forward to hearing more about her progress as she continues in her quest.

I very much agree with Deborah’s mantra. My husband and I have been making great progress with the decluttering but every now and again we come across an item that has for one reason or another become not quite right for us and rather than getting rid of altogether needs upgrading or downsizing. We are comfortable to do this as they are usually items that are used constantly but are outdated or not fulfilling our needs anymore. Examples of this are the stereo from Day 73 and the today’s item.


A computer tower and monitor which we sold on eBay for a mere $30.00. The tower was replaced with an Apple Mac Mini which measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches a considerable bit smaller that this tower.


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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hurray for you, Deborah!

    As I move into summer vacation mode, I’m looking at every inch of my house to do the same thing! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • We are just moving into winter her in Australia but that is not going to slow me down. My home is really coming along nicely and I am happy plodding along day after day.

  2. I love your blog! This morning I heard a story about the bacteria that could be present in any makeup more than three months old. Some of my makeup was from my wedding day six years ago! It took twenty minutes to clean three drawers, and I only need to really buy three fresh items. I think I let go of at least 45 things today. All old makeup went into the garbage, and all the little unopened hotel items are going to a women’s shelter. Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Hi Lisa,
      nice to hear from you. Good for you having a good clean out of your make-up drawers and toiletries items. I am a real minimalist when it comes to make-up and toiletries items and have been for years. Toiletries still can tend to build up though when people give them to you as gifts and those hotel items are just hard to resist sometimes when you have paid so much for the hotel room in the first place you feel you need to get your money’s worth.