Day 225 Favourite Five for Friday 13 Aug

This week’s favourite five comments

  • Cindy on Day 218:- Overheard at a furniture consignment store today, 3 ladies NOT on the decluttering band wagon: “You don’t understand the way I shop; I buy and figure out where it will fit later.” … Read More

  • Hope on Day 223:- I used to be one of those book collectors who had many more books than I could read in a lifetime (even though I’m an avid reader). My husband challenged me to read 100 of the books I already owned… Read More
  • Jo on Day 222:- This is actually an important concept to remember – if your storage space can accommodate the extras, and if you’ll use them eventually… Read More
  • Meg on Day 221:- You are definitely a woman after my own heart. What a nice, solid week. We do much the same here, avoiding plastic bags like crazy… Read More
  • Deb J on day 22o:- Not having kids myself I don’t have to worry about the kid closet thing. BUT, I used to help my friend buy for her grandkids and let me tell you the thing we learned… Read More

The links/posts I discovered this week that I really enjoyed


This wire jig is one of the many craft tools I have owned. I think I have used this twice so out it goes.
Wire Jig

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  1. Hi Colleen,

    I recently found your blog and have really been enjoying it! I can’t believe you reply to everyone leaving a comment…I have never seen a blogger who does that!!! That is so kind of you. Thank you so much for the link about books …if you remember the other link(s) later, I would love to see them too! (I understand though about keeping track of where I saw things!)

  2. Awesome post Colleen. I love, love, love the article “A House the Size of a Wagon”! What a great reminder that homes have not always been large and opulent. I’m definitely going smaller in my next abode.

    • Hi Betty Jo,
      yes it is an eye openner isn’t it. If I remember Little House on the Prairie correctly the house that they lived in at the end of their journey wasn’t all that big either.

  3. Just wanted to say that I am enjoying the favorite five posts. Last week I read a few of the articles and signed up for some new email newsletters. And this week I looked at some of the comments–which ended up showing me a whole other interesting part of your blog since I read via the email posts, and hadn’t been reading comments before. I really like your blog and am gearing up to trying the one item a day. Did you have any false starts before you started the blog? Or was the blog your first serious attempt at the 1 item per day?

    • Hi Kerri,
      welcome to the comment section of 365 less things. It is especially good to here from you because you raise a very good point with your input today. The whole idea of creating The Favourite Fives on Friday was to introduce readers who may only read the post to the important information submitted in the comments section. I read a lot of other blogs and I know I don’t have the time to read all the comments so I know this is the case for others as well. But I do find that the readers here have a lot of very useful tips, takes and experiences to share that can be a real ah ha moment for both me and my readers. I wanted to try to get some of that out there and maybe induce readers to have a closer look. So thank you for dropping in you justified my thinking on this. I think you have just earned a spot in next Friday’s favourite five comments.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Colleen. I really appreciate it. It’s good to see Betty Jo here, too.

    I hope to see some of your other readers over at my blog. I talk about lots of things, but they all relate to a simpler, more deliberate life.


  5. Thanks for linking to me today! I just love the Little House series.

    • Hi SavvyChritine,
      it was my pleasure. I subscribe by email to your blog and enjoy reading it very much. I particularly liked this one and felt compelled to share it.

  6. I have the same wire jig, but it hasn’t made the cut quite yet! Seems like we have a few things in common! =)

    • Hi Stephanie,
      it seems quite a number of my readers have a few things in common. I am starting to think that crafty people are the worst clutters. 😉

  7. Colleen,

    “I am starting to think that crafty people are the worst clutters.” By far my favorite comment respond – you are exactly right!

  8. Thanks for link love, Colleen!!! Very deeply appreciated. And I love looking at the other posts you link to, expanding my reading.

    Re your dialogue w/ Gip–my brief post on the subject some time ago, on Religion and Clutter:

    • Hi Meg,
      it is my plesure as always. Share the love I say to friends, strangers whoever every day in any way you can.
      I left you a message on that post.