Day 77 Too much of a good thing

How many of you have all the following cleaning products cluttering up that space in the laundry cupboard,  under the kitchen sink or in the garage.

Microfibre Cloth & Water
• Window Cleaner
• Car Wash
• Floor Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner
• Drain Cleaner
• Mould Spray
• Bleach

Cream Cleanser
• Metal Cleaner
• Stove Top Cleaner

All Purpose Spray
• Shower Cleaner

Carpet Spot Cleaner
• Pre-Wash Spray

In my experience you only need the four products hi-lighted to do most of the cleaning jobs around the home. Toilet cleaner with bleach will do the job of all of the products in the same group.  Carpet spot cleaner will double as a pre-wash spray when doing the laundry and in my experience will do it better. Water will do the job of window cleaner, car wash and floor cleaner when used with the right micro-fibre cleaning cloth/mitt. All of the products in the cream cleaser group with do much the same job as one another and the multi-purpose spray will cover most of the other jobs that need doing around the home. Micro fibre really is the key to a clean home not chemicals. So cut down on the chemical, it not only save space it save money as well.

Today’s item is another pair of shoes that haven’t been worn in the last three years.


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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I just started reading your blog from the beginning (after being pointed here by a friend!) In our family, we are very earth conscious, so the only “cleaning” products we use are Basic H (from Shaklee), Basic G (same company, but this is to sanitize), sometimes vinegar, and Scour Off (Shaklee as well). If we didn’t buy this stuff, it would be vinegar, plain water, and baking soda! No bleach, no caustic cleaners, no toilet bowl stuff. It takes up space and isn’t safe to have in the home with our two small children. I have to say, this is the first subject on your blog that I can’t really improve upon in my own home! (…and that sorta makes me proud!)

    I just wanted to share some more earth friendly suggestions for all those cleaning products you see on the store shelves. 🙂

    Cheers! Can’t wait to keep reading!

    • Tracibub, you should feel proud, good on you for cutting back on toxic chemicals in your home. There are still some in my home but I am hoping to find some alternatives soon that I feel are effective. My problem is that I hate cleaning product that don’t really work. I am glad my microfibre cloths take care of much of my cleaning without having to use any products at all.