Friday’s Favourites ~ 16 Dec 2011

On Fridays at 365 Less Things I share with you my favourite comments from my wonderful readers and my favourite web finds of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Favourite Comments. Enjoy!

I loved this comment from Sanna, I knew straight away it belonged in my favourites. Sanna is doing her best to bring back the good old habit of sharing rather than owning and sharing what you do own. Good on you Sanna!

This comment from Eileen isn’t from this last week, I just happened upon it in the archives while checking something on Monday. I thought it was worth bringing to your attention again as it was a lovely example of decluttering together with loved ones.

Snosie had a good way of divesting herself of items she no needed at the end of and extended overseas stay in this comment. I have used this method myself while on vacation.

Lena tells us about the progress she is making when it comes to letting go a little when it comes to books in this comment.

And Hazel sure had some fine examples of the Pitfall 2 in her response to Cindy’s weekly wisdom post this week. I am sure we can all relate to this situation through experience.

Favourite Web Finds. Happy reading!

I liked this simple blog post from The Everyday Minimalist the message was simply put and uncomplicated.

While having a little browse around The Everyday Minimalist blog I found this little gem that I though was fabulous. The visuals made it all the more entertaining and real for me. Minimalist Comic ~ Stuff no one told me: The weight of things.

Here is a great but scary web link for those with children. It was brought to my attention by Kim Cameron_Webb through my 365 Facebook page. ~ Is my kid entitled? How to tell.

Please take a look at this link and even sign up for the challenge if you think you are up for it. Even in this modern age women are often still the main caregivers and homemakers of the world. Maybe it is up to us to set the ground rules for responsible consumption and eco-friendly behaviours and I think we are up to the challenge. Lets see what you can do.  1 Million Women

I went over to The 7th Rock to wish Rakhee a happy blogiversary the other day and found this little gem while I was having a read there.~ George Carlins comedic routine on stuff. It’s hilarious and all too true.

Here is a fun little link sent to me by NatalieinCA that I couldn’t resists sharing with you. Keep scrolling down when you get there because there are all sorts of fun Christmas decorating ideas. And also click on OLDER at the bottom of the page to see even more.

Today’s Declutter Item

This pile of clutter is the result of a little bit of an odds and ends declutter in my spice chest. No I don’t keep spices in there in case you were wondering. I keep batteries, bens, clips, eyeglasses and their accessories, candles for if the power goes out, blah blah blah. It is my version of a junk drawer only mostly it isn’t junk and it is organised. 

Miscellaneous Thingies

Something I Am Grateful For Today

Discovering that making my our pizza dough isn’t so hard without a bread maker. I still cheated and used my electric mixer with the dough hooks but it all worked out just fine. I think maybe next time I should get a little more eco-friendly and do it by hand.


It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. challenge accepted: 6,868kg co2 per year – being vegetarian and not driving a car seems to do it… I am so on the good side 😉

    I love your favourites this week, a lot of smart links. thanks again for appreciating my progress…

  2. I enjoyed the message in the George Carlin’s video. I didn’t appreciate some of the language in it. He could have given just as good of a message without some of the language he used.

    • Sorry if that offended you Spendwisemom. As you say thought the message was enjoyable though. He hit quit a few points with that short video.

      • I had the opposite reaction: That was shockingly clean for George Carlin.

        Colleen – You need to add the link for the TED video you posted on FB. That was lovely. Or are you adding it next week? A nice accompaniment to Christmas.

        • Yes Cindy I have added it for next week and have tweeted it as well as facebooked it for now. I was lovely wasn’t it. I couldn’t resist getting it out there right away.

  3. pizza bough? or pizza dough?


    awesome links for Fridays Fav’s. Thanks!

  4. The Everyday Minimalist is one of my faves. Last year I decided I would try to go as minimal as I could (not extreme, that’s not what I want), and her blog and Miss Minimalist’s helped a lot with the hard stuff. I like how even though she is a minimalist, she knows it’s ok to “like stuff” and enjoy what you want to, within reason.

  5. We (I mean my husband!) make pizza every Friday night using our Kitchenaid. I definitely *isn’t* cheating! Everyone raves over how fabulous the pizzas are, and it’s spoilt us for takeaway. So much healthier and cheaper too 🙂

    Using up the last of my plastic cups (where did they even come from? I don’t remember buying them!) Having a party in the park after school today, with lots of adults and kids. Decluttering a good portion of my fridge and alcohol stash in the process.

    • Hi Loretta,
      those pizzas sound delicious and I agree homemade is far better than any I have ever bought from a takeaway. Although some of the ones I have had in Italy have been superb even in the little quick buy by the piece places.

      Plastic cups, it’s a long time since I bought any of those. I wonder what my neighbours think of me when I tell them to bring all their own cups, plates and cutlery when they come form one of our common area neighbourhood get togethers. They are a community thing so I think it only fair that we all share the clean up and encouraging them to keep it green is a worthy cause in my book. I hope you had a nice afternoon in the park. Keep me posted on the big move.

  6. I am enjoying the comedy link, thanks & have looked up all the others. I even zilched 18 magazines while sitting here.

    Another idea for pizza, we make pizza dough from 2 cups of SR Flour and 200grams of plain youghurt, it is awesome! I got it from Simple Savings, definately not my invention. Home made pizza is a great way for us to get the kids involved in their food.

    • Hi Karen,
      I will try that recipe for the pizza bough it sounds simple and it might even be a lot of fun mixing it by hand.
      Well done with the magazines.

  7. Thank you so much for the link love!! I’m glad you liked them.