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Living with less frees me up to explore the world.

For quite some time now I have been putting together the Friday’s Favourite post. However it is one of the most time consuming posts of the week as it require surfing the web for other good posts relating to the subject of decluttering and minimalism. And although there are lots of great blogs out there on this subject I don’t always have time to search for and read them. I also love all the comments I receive here at 365 and have never been comfortable with the idea of singling out favourites. It suggests that the others are less important when they most certainly are not. For that reason, as of today, Friday’s Favourites will be no more. For now what I intend to do instead is to write a post on Friday that is inspired by a comment that a reader has posted. Over the Christmas break I will reassess the weekly format and make decisions on what the new plan will be for 2014.

Likewise, if I am inspired to write a post due to something I have read on the web I will be sure to link to it in the body of the post. So feel free to send me links to web reads that you have enjoyed or found inspiring. I can always do with a little inspiration.

Also I know that my readers love a good before and after post. So if, at any time, you feel inspired to photograph and write a short blurb on a particular decluttering project you are working on, we would love you to share it here at 365 Less Things. If you create such a post just let me know via my contact page and I will send you the email details to send it to.

Today’s Mini Mission

Declutter a few excess picnic items that you keep for those rare occasions when you actually do eat outdoors. Or ones that are completely unnecessary even if you do picnic often.

Eco Tip for the Day

If you find the need to use aluminium foil when cooking, give it a clean up and put it in your recycling bin rather than throwing it in the trash.

For a full list of my eco tips so far click here

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I’m sad to see the end of your “Friday’s Favourites”, Colleen, because that’s how I found your blog in the first place–you were kind enough to include my post about limiting souvenirs in one of your “FF”s. (To this day, I still get traffic to my site from your link, so I can never begin to thank you enough!) However, as a fellow blogger, I know how time-consuming certain posts can be, and completely understand the need to simplify and streamline your time. It’s a constant re-evaluation of what works and what doesn’t work for our schedules and interests. (I have shifted somewhat as well, to more nature and wildlife photography. That’s what gives me the most energy these days, so I’ve got to go with the flow of my own energy!) Looking forward to your new directions here.

    • Hi Joy, I like that idea ~ “… go with the flow of my own energy!” That sounds perfect. I am glad my link to your blog has bought you some traffic. I agree with you though it is a constant re-evaluation of what works and what doesn’t work for our schedules and interests. It is always interesting to me as to how I stay busy. I have always said, when I didn’t have a paid job, that I don’t know how people find time to go to work. I suppose that is because I get pleasure out of helping others. Sometimes that means voluntary work, other times it is spending time with friends who aren’t doing so well, other times doing things for my kids and now a lot of my time is spent working my blog. As I read once, volunteering isn’t a selfless task and that is very true for me.

  2. Colleen, while I will miss Fridays Favorites I certainly understand your need to cut back on some things. I like your idea of what you will do instead.

  3. There have been some interesting links on Friday Favorites. I much prefer a regular post as I have a hard time with links as they cause my computer to lock up quite frequently. So I much prefer regular posts and the comments on them. I love this site!!!

    • Hi Jane, thank you. I am glad you are finding 365 helpful. It sounds like you computer might need a good declutter to help clean out the cobwebs and get it working more efficiently.

  4. What is that saying ‘ if you don’t change, you go backwards’. ? After reading today’s post by Colleen , that was the first thing I thought of. I will be sad to lose those inspirational words from the web and a recap of a perhaps missed comment on Friday. But my life has changed too.
    Next week I return to my family after three wonderful months overseas. My husband has been away from home most of that time with work. Our three adult children have been home ‘alone’ . Will things be the same when I go home? Will I do the same things or will there be a new routine?
    Cheers or Prost to the future of 365 Less Things. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy, I have been so looking forward to you coming back and now I won’t be here when you return. My mum needs me right now though. I hope you settle in to everyday life smoothly my friend and, again, I wish I could have been here to make that smoother for you by being a sounding board, plying you with Suspension lattes and distracting you with games of Upwords. Oh well, I’ll be back on the 23rd.

  5. Regarding the tip about aluminium foil, or aluminum foil as the North Americans like to call it. Ideally, don’t use it at all. Failing that, minimize the use.
    As for recycling, that’s a double edged sword depending on where you live and whether you can make what is usually an icky greasy sheet really clean. Here in eastern Ontario, there are many critters that get attracted to anything that smells tasty in the recycling bins, or garbage cans.
    It’s the same reason for leaving composting up to the municipality. Doing it at home is an open invite for critters.

    • Oh I agree, “Ideally, don’t use it at all. Failing that, minimize the use.” -that’s a given. I am glad to say we have no critters here to cause the problems you mentioned. That does add an element of difficulty that’s for sure. The biggest issue here is people who just can’t be bothered to either reduce or recycle.

    • Hi Kate,
      You make a good point about attracting critters, but I don’t want to sway people away from composting because there is far too much food waste (which can biodegrade quite nicely) going to landfills (where it can’t biodegrade under all of the other bags of garbage–it needs air and rotation for the process to work). I went through my own trials and tribulations with composting, but I did indeed find a critter-free composter–and please note that we live in Black Bear Country (and Raccoon Country…and Coyote Coyote…I’m still counting all the critters!). The composter we currently have remains critter-proof. Here is a link to a post I wrote about it, along with the composters that failed me: I just want to encourage anybody reading to find a method of composting that works for you–please don’t feel “it’s a hopeless endeavor, so why bother?” Yes, it takes work to make it work, but it makes a world of difference.

  6. I’m fine with the change, especially if the readers are going to be sending you interesting links to share. I imagine this blog does take up quite a bit of time and you are so kind to respond to us all. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, trying to keep up with responding is one of the biggest challenges but that is a major component of what makes this blog what it is. And I really enjoy it. Sometimes though, I have to walk away from a post at the end of the day because there are just too many to keep up with.

  7. I LOVE your eco tips! Regarding aluminum foil, I looked up my local guidelines for foil in single stream recycling. This is what it said:

    No small, balled-up foil. Please ball all aluminum foil together into one large ball 2″ in diameter or larger. Do not flatten.

    I’m so glad your post prompted me to consult the recycling website. Greetings from Boulder, Colorado!

    • Hi Leslie, those directions are interesting. I can understand why this should be so but it seems to encourage a person to use more of it than necessary. If I drank fizzy drinks I would poke it in the hole in the can but I don’t. I will just continue to put my small piece in the bin and hope it makes its way through. Better to take a chance on that than increase the chances of waste to 100% by throwing it in the trash.

  8. Recycling systems work so differently from one city to the other!
    Here, aluminium can be very easily and well recycled. Still, I try not to use throw-away-foils of any kind, if possible.

    I always liked the friday’s favourites, but I understand that you can’t keep up or don’t want to keep up with them any longer.

  9. We understand. All of us have changes in our lives–sometimes spare time and sometimes it seems like every minute is spoken for. Those of us who joined later than the beginning can always go back and read the archives. I did some when I first started reading the blog–I think from a link from Get Rich Slowly on New Year’s Resolutions, but then we were working on the paperwork for tax returns, etc., or as they say life happens, but I have it written down where I stopped.
    There are a lot of blogs out there, though this group is the nicest and most supportive one I have seen. Once you get on almost any blog though, there are references to other blogs, so if someone wants to surf and has the time, they will be able to find some decluttering hints to read.. It usually took me all weekend to find time to do all on this Friday’s one.
    Thanks for the constant inspiration. It does keep me thinking about what to declutter next. Like you, I was good at organizing our stuff, and hadn’t realized I should have been decluttering. We have some in the car right now ready to drop off next trip to town.

    • Hi Nana, I am glad 365 is keeping you inspired and I am glad to hear you have some clutter in the car ready to go to town. I promise that when I find good post on the web I will find a way to link to them. Variety is the spice of life and the more takes on decluttering we read about the more all rounded view we get on the subject.

  10. your blog, your rules.
    change is good

  11. I am sorry to see FF go….it was a brilliant sum up of the week and whatever is out there in the web connected to 365’s idea!!I am sure you will find a good way to have us readers all alert and happy again!!

  12. I will miss FF but can appreciate it would be time consuming.

  13. As a fellow blogger, I know how difficult it is to blog everyday, and how from time to time you need to revamp things to keep them fresh.

    I’m sorry to see the end of Friday Favourites, but I can also appreciate that you don’t want to miss out any particular member of the community. I hope you find some way of incorporating link posts from time to time in the new format.

    Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration.

  14. I’m always honest – regular link posts make me feel like I have so much to catch up on and read and investigate. So in a way, I’m super thankful :p I’m wholly behind you!

  15. I’m asking a question to some people: what makes you feel at home? Which little things do you need, and that a lot of people take for granted in their daily life, in order for you to feel good with what surrounds you and with yourself?

    • Cindy I, it doesn’t take much for me to feel at home. Basically if my basic needs are met (clothing, shelter, food, a way to get clean, a good bed and chair, and my computer and kindle) then it can become home to me. I don’t need a lot of things. Of course, I prefer my Mom be here but I know that when she passes on I will be able to find home without her.

    • In fact, the first thing I buy when reaching a new place (travelling or moving) is: tea, preferably Earl Grey.
      Besides I absolutely need a warm duvet or blanket to cuddle with and something to read (but that can be any novel to my taste, I don’t need to own it, a library book is just as good)
      I also fiercly want my boyfriend with me to feel home (though I was fine before I met him, too, 😉 ) I need a clear mind, no stress, taking my time to eat and to prepare food and clean surroundings.

  16. Colleen, I quite understand about the Friday Favourites, I often wondered how long it must have taken you to research all the sites and choose the comments. I’m happy with whatever you come up with. You really inspire me and I put most of my success to the influence of your blog, well done

  17. Oh, I’m sad to see FF “decluttered”, especially the links. Through them I discovered pages and articles I otherwise would have never read and though this blog feels like home it also is nice to stroll around outside – or better even, go on a sort of field trip together and share our thoughts here.
    I hope you find a way to sneak in some links from time to time or just do random link-posts whenever you have collected a couple of interesting links that you’d like to share.

  18. Colleen — I hope you will do whatever you need to do to make your job pleasant and doable for you! What you have done to make such a friendly and encouraging community to help us get to our best decluttered state — I am so appreciative! Thank you.

  19. I really look forward to the Friday posts because I have benefited greatly from them mainly because you save me tons of work to ferret out these great articles. So I understand completely. I wonder, though, if you could put on your home page links to the places you love to visit. That way we can still keep up and get the need inspiration without you having to do a thing.