Day 118 Luggage clutter

Just thought I would share a little story about some cheap luggage we once owned and how we off-loaded it.

My mum bought us a set of luggage and the first time it did the cycle through the airport wheels fell off and things broke. We only used them one more time and that was as excess baggage when we moved to America. They then got stuck in a cupboard until the first unsuspecting visitors came over to stay with us.

Since America is a great place to shop the visitors had a lot more stuff to take home than their suitcases could carry  so we gave them one of our dodgy ones to take their excess stuff home in. After a couple more lots of visitors came and went we were rid of the entire set of luggage and went out and bought some better ones to replace them.

I have  a couple of tips I will share with you about buying luggage and this comes from experience.

  1. Do your homework before buying new luggage and buy a brand that has a good reputation of producing quality product.
  2. Don’t buy suitcases that when full of clothes will weigh more than the standard baggage allowance per case unless you like paying the excess weight fee.


With air travel in mind this remote control chopper is today’s offering to the 365  things I hope the little boy I gave it to has lots of fun with it.Remote Control Chopper

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  1. Thanks for this tip Colleen. We have just come back from a holiday in Australia and our suitcases are just starting to wear out (one is just starting to rip by the zip). So instead of throwing them out we asked my sister who is moving to Australia in a few months if she needed any luggage, explaining our suitcases are getting to the end of their life but would do for another trip. She was very happy to take them off our hands and now doesn’t have to ask for luggage for her birthday or buy some brand new, while we now have some space in the wardrobe and can take our time deciding if we need new ones as it will probably be some time before our next overseas trip.