Mini Mission Monday ~ Overloaded

mini-logoMini Mission Monday is about finding ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy and “fun” for you to achieve some quick decluttering.

It is evident, in any home I spend more than a little time in, that there are a number of spaces that get the most cluttered. They seem to be the same ones no matter whose home it is. And there overloaded spaces become inefficient due to having to shuffle things around to get to what one needs. So this week we will try to free up some space in six such places.

Monday – Declutter a few clothing items from a wardrobe.

Tuesday - Declutter a few items from a kitchen cupboard.

Wednesday - Declutter a few books from a bookcase.

Thursday - Declutter a few items from your linen closet.

Friday - Declutter a batch of paperwork from your files.

Saturday - Declutter a few items from a storage area that are unlikely ever to be used again.

Sunday - Sunday is reserved for contemplating one particular item, of your choice that is proving difficult for you to declutter. Whether that be for sentimental reasons, practical reasons, because the task is laborious or simply unpleasant, or because the items removal requires the cooperation of another person. That last category may mean that the item belongs to someone else who has to give their approval, it could also mean there is a joint decision to be made or it could mean that the task of removing it requires assistance from someone else. There is no need to act on this contemplation immediately, it is more about formulating a plan to act upon or simply making a decision one way or another.

Good luck and happy decluttering

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

    I sit here with a broken left leg and surgery on it last week; so I have the opportunity to easily sort through paperwork that I have needed to examine. I will move some items into file folders and other things go into a bag that I need to shred. Cabinets and closets will have to wait a while.

    Pat in icy Colorado

    • Mrs Schneider, Soooooo very sorry you are broken!!! :). Sounds as though you are making good of an otherwise unpleasant situation! Hope you recouperate quickly! Just getting those papers sorted and shredded will make you feel better—-or at least it did me!

    • Hi Pat, I am sorry to hear of you injury. I certainly hope it was acquired while doing something fun. Your comment reminded me of one of my New Zealand readers a long time back who had an operation on her foot. She was our if action for months and, like you, focused on paperwork decluttering or anything that could be delivered to her bedside. Since paperwork is often a long and slow sorting g job it should keep you occupied for some time. It may not seem like fun but I am sure you will feel greatly satisfied when it is done. And I hope you heal quickly.

      • Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

        Thank you! I started the tax program today myself. Anyway this necessary project has to get done; but I can sit with my leg propped up. I can’t think too much abou things of what I can’t do at the moment. I do make lists of things needed to be completed. I do donate my extra books to two other places: the Senior Center and the Friends of the Library. The Friends is an organization which sells the donated books then buys new book titles and other library supplies for the local Library. Interesting group. I keep exploring for other places to make donations.

      • Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

        Thank you! I slipped on ice on a slope while walking my Black Lab. My dog is very trained and she didn’t leave my side. I thought I had a bad sprain, left ankle. A lady came at first to assist me then a young man came to help me stand. He gave us (me and big dog) a ride home. I called my husband at work. So I rested the rest of the day. That night my left leg was killing me. My husband took me to the Emergency Room early the next morning. I soon found out my left tibia bone was broken and my ankle no longer aligned correctly. This was Feb 3. I had a cast put on. Then surgery on Feb 16. I’m learning ‘patience’. This has given me time to catchup on three books. I’m learning Loom Knitting to make infant hats for charity. I listen to my audio books. I watch some tv. I’m now using a knee scooter to get around the house. Still cannot accomplish many other tasks. Each life experience has its blessings! My husband is learning to do laundry! Haha! He cooks very little. So we are both loosing weight. It’s certainly an adventure for 2017. And my list grows to ‘downsize’. But I’m ok with making lists at this point. Pat

        • I love your attitude Pat. You have taken the “probortunity” approach ~ turning a problem into an opportunity. I am now sorry I didn’t mention, in the blog post I just published, the idea of making sure that the male partner in a household is totally capable of looking after themselves, so that when the female is out of action they can slip straight into the role of main caregiver seamlessly. This probably isn’t as much of an issue for the younger generations but the older ones did tend to allocate the household tasks to the females.

  2. Monday: Someone was looking for hangers and I have way more than I need, so I pulled 40ish of them out of the various closets and gave them to her. (No, not clothes, but is the same area, and have been being ignored longer!)

    Wed: I spent the last 4 weeks in a merry-go-round of flu-like-symptoms (and diagnosed flu proper) in the house, but one good thing out of being stuck in bed was getting some books read, finding some duplicates on the shelf, and some I have lost interest in. Found two more today that are heading to the used bookstore. My bookshelves are looking neater.

    Will have to see what I can find for the rest.

    • Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

      So sorry to hear of your illness! Hope you are better now. Last year I gave two Catholic Sisters some of my very nice felt covered coat hangers. Then I gave them our extra lamps and underbed storage plastic boxes. It seems no one thinks they need ‘regular items’! They often get Bibles, angel figurines, and other religious books–all appreciated, they told me but not all practical. So now I pass household items on to them, including a beautiful set of cobalt colored dishes we no longer used. This has given me another outlet where and who to pass items along to. Of course, ask first before taking anything to anyone. They may have it. But these two ladies needed these items. Pat

    • Another “probortunity” situation. Well done Kayote. I hope you are all better now.

  3. Overloaded is the right word. My friend, S, (remember her?) has a mess in her house again. Why? They had a family of 3 living with them for 18 months and she has not been able to dig out since they left. She looks at it and is so overwhelmed she doesn’t even start. I’m trying to think of a way to help her when I am allergic to dust. I am so happy that I have things doing well here at home. AND, Mom is gradually getting rid of more and more STUFF. Happy Dancing!!!!

    • Hi Deb, I guess you must wonder if S can even be helped if she just replaces what you worked so hard to help her get rid off. She sounds like a lovely person to share her home with an entire family though.
      And I am glad things are working our well for you and your mom.

    • Dust masks are wonderful things. I’m allergic to all the stuff in dust–especially leaf dust–but a nice dust mask even lets me shred my leaves.

      I just get the cheap disposable ones and they have done fine (but do NOT use them repeatedly beyond maybe a week–breath+dust=MOLD). This year I’ll upgrade to the barely-less-cheap disposables that have a little vent-type-thing in them so maybe my glasses won’t fog up so bad.

      • Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

        Hello Deb J– I understand about dust allergies also. So here’s a different idea: maybe take your friend some boxes and plastic bags to remove items into. That would be very helpful and encouraging to move foreword. The person is a ‘jewel’ to open her home up for others. You are wonderful for your concern for your friend!


  4. Well, these don’t sound too difficult. Last Monday I had off for holiday and went through the kitchen. I cannot believe how much expired food I tossed. Some from 2014!!! I thought I was on top of that a little better, but I guess it got away from me. I also yanked some clothes out of the closet. But I’m sure there are some old linens and books I can donate. Have a good week, everybody!

  5. So happy to see another post and comments!! Have already hit this weeks areas, although I know there’s more to go from those places later.
    I have been on a shredding binge and think I have finally gotten rid of every non essential piece of past business type papers! Was up to 77 items eliminated this month, and now have added another box full to that. A couple days ago, Trashed 57 color markers from rubber stamping days that were going dry. Put another 35 or so into the thrift box. Still have plenty. Sigh…..will be giving more away. Waiting to complete hubbys postings so I can get papers to the tax lady and then will be in full swing decluttering again.

    • Sounds great Brenda. My problem at the moment is getting to the thrift store to drop stuff off. I am sick of looking at it and specially since most of it isn’t even my stuff. My husband will be fishing up work at the end of the week to enjoy his semi-retirement for a while so the car will be more available to me.

    • Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

      Brenda–this is a huge downsizing for you for so many items! Wow! It is a huge accomplishment!

      It always interests me how much I can accumulate of certain items. Now I’m knitting baby hats for charity and I am not buying any more yarn until I knit this all up. I like to color (coloring books) and have nice pencils for this. I sometimes look for new ones but then say ‘no, I don’t need those yet’. Many other crafts I have stopped doing through the years. Pat

  6. So glad to see the post & comments are back! Sorry to hear about the broken bones etc.

    I continued to declutter during the break. Got rid of 1/3 each fall & Christmas decorations. Will save them in garage to take to school thrift shop this fall.

    Took a coat, jeans & shirt to mission.
    Took a small book case and 70% of stamping supplies to school thrift shop. Still need to go through paper & ink pads. Man I spent a ton of money on stamping supplies.

    Asked the school today if they were interested in an Amish made kitchen stand (Hoosier), after seeing pictures they are. I told them they would have to pick it up since I have no way to deliver it. It’s been empty for over a year, looking forward to it finding a new home

    Spring cleaning just got an early start!

    • Sounds like you are making great strides to a decluttered house there Calla, well done. And doing such a fine job of finding new homes for your unwanted stuff.