Mini Mission-Wednesday 8Nov2017

Sorry folks I haven’t been well this week and the Mini Missions slipped my mind. However after too much time lying and sitting around today I am on a mission to do some organising. I find that doing something useful puts me on the road to recovery much faster than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. And decluttering and organising is a task I enjoy as well as gives me purpose, and having purpose is what life is all about. I also set up the health tracker ap on my phone that will record my activity. This, I am sure will encourage me to achieve higher each day and likely errode those inevitable pounds that pile on ones body while sedentary.

So today’s Mini Mission for both you and I is to find a shelf or drawer to declutter and reorganise. I’m going for a shelf in my linen closet. I’m not sure I will find anything in there to declutter but it can sure do with a tidy up.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi Coleen ,take it easy, that is what your body is telling you these past weeks. It’s ok to rest and just BE. I know as a heart attack made me revalue my life and now I take small rests between jobs. I’m thinking of you and thank you for all your wise words over all your missions but do (and please don’t take this wrong) practice what you preach. Sit and just be every so often can work magic. Sending love and best wishes from a frosty Northern Ireland ♥️♥️♥️

  2. I am sitting here vegging and refusing to do a thing. Well, I do plan to fix my supper. But anything else is work and I refuse to do any for a few days. Decluttered a bunch of things last week while on the run doing errands, etc. It felt good to have the stuff gone. Have 3 blouses and a pair of sandals to take tomorrow.

  3. I love your missions, happy to find you on this great big internet:) I too felt sick/off today & also felt bad about sitting around, yet needed to listen to my body speak. Speedy recovery to both of us!

  4. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well Colleen, hope you are feeling much better now. I will get on to a shelf today, I am slowly moving everything down from my top shelves so I can see what’s there prior to our move in 5 weeks. I am just happy at the moment as my husband has gone through his clothes and found 4 shirts for the charity bin.

  5. Colleen, I just sent you a personal message through “Contact Colleen.” Will you please check?

  6. Now for today’s challenge…my hubby has already fulfilled this the last couple of days. He’s been cleaning out his hobby closet shelves and he decluttered a broken flashlight, 8 nice plastic storage containers and some empty boxes. Yay!

    Colleen, I hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Idgy of the North

    Hope things improve Colleen. This to shall pass. I am off work today and preparing for a week long business trip. Before a long trip, I get the urge to prepare the home. Early today, I started to clean the basement storage again. Despite 3 major declutters of this space in the last 5 years, have found 2 bags of things. Trying to question does this item have room in my current life? Most often it is no or the object is part of my fantasy self.