Monday Mini Mission – 16June2017

Begin a use it up challenge on a consumable product in your home. Food near it’s used by date, a toiletry item you don’t intend to replace, craft materials… .

I used up a bunch of craft supplies last week and then delivered the items I’d made to a retail outlet who stocks them. I now have less craft materials but more cash in my bank account. This week I think I’ll burn a couple of scented candles that are close to being used up. I also dropped off some stuff to the thrift shop on the weekend so that is a little more stuff out of the way.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I started making my own bathroom shower daily and weekly cleaners, which I prefer over store bought products. I have left over store bought products, which I am giving to my daughter’s family to use. 4 products out the door. Yay!

  2. I have a realisation on the weekend that we keep a pencil case with four pairs of 3D glasses in them, we’ve owned them for years but neither Adrian nor myself like 3D movies, we always opt for the 2D viewing.
    You have to buy 3D glasses here, there isn’t the borrow system at the theatre, that is used in other countries. We obviously bought them back in the day when the kids were younger and were all excited about 3D.
    One daughter is coming home tomorrow, she is the movie buff, I’ll see if she wants them or knows someone who might want them.
    I am having a good laugh because we have had these for years, and I have decluttered that drawer sooooo many times but never made the connection in my brain.

    • Isn’t it amazing how we can overlook things so many times. I think that’s why so many methodologies actually have you touch each item, so they’re not so easy to overlook. Good catch Moni!

    • Mrs Pat Schneider

      Great idea, Moni! I have reader eyeglasses at a lower power (2.0 and 2.5) that I can’t see out of. So first I’m calling 3 retired lady friends to see if they can use them; next, I know of a hospital organization which takes eyeglasses. Thanks for reminding me about eyewear!
      Pat in Colorado

    • Update on the 3D glasses – my daughter does not require extra pairs, so they are going in the ‘out’ box.

  3. I went through all my possible use it up hidy-holes and came up with nothing except some excess lancets for my diabetes. They go way overboard when they send them. I have 400 of them and I don’t use a new one every time. 400 will go forever. So I am giving away 200 of them. Probably won’t need new ones for a couple of years.

  4. deanna ar USA

    I am using up a tooth powder that hubby asked me to order. He didn’t like it because it’s messy…not like toothpaste. He went back to his toothpaste but said he would use up the powder eventually. I volunteered to do it because I don’t want it setting around. I’m using my regular toothpaste in the morning and the tooth powder at night…it’s going slower than I like.

    • That tooth powder is in my closet 3+ months later. I didn’t like it either. It’s going in the trash.

  5. deanna ar USA

    I really don’t like use-it-ups…I’m so impatient. We’ve been working on lotions for quite awhile. Hubby has done better than me on this one. We’re both still plugging away though.

  6. Mrs Pat Schneider

    To Deanna and Deb J– a friend in my knitting class has a wonderful idea about lotions. She buys smaller plain plastic bottles, about 25 cents each, transfers a big bottle into those, then has handed them out once a month at class. We all get to try a new lotion. This also makes a different holiday gift. Last Christmas we each did this and exchanged lotions. Fun! Do I have more lotion? No. I have given some of the smaller bottles (of lotions I didn’t care for) to nurses, church office workers, and to my dog vet’s office workers.
    We in knitting class like to try something new and it’s fun to pass items along. And yes, I did use up two very large bottles of lotion this way. I have 4 lovely small bottles that I use now and it’s just enough for me. So maybe this idea will work for you. Pat in Colorado USA

  7. I got rid of a box of sarin ribbons I had been saving for DIY I never go to…

  8. I love the use it up challenges! Mine this week is a gifted shower gel and body lotion. And a scented candle too.