Simple Saturday ~ The joy of decluttering

I found an enjoyable way to declutter some more of my craft supplies. I put together a card making kit for my niece and nephew after receiving a handmade card from my niece for my birthday this year. How cute are they?!!!!!!!!!!

My Gorgeous Niece and Nephew

Today’s Mini Mission

Today is a good day for decluttering excess useless knick knacks. Go for it!

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Isn’t it nice to bring joy to others and you are doubly blessed in seeing how happy they are and in getting rid of stuff!

  2. What cute kids!! I love the boy’s curly hair. Handsome little guy. The little girl is going to have the boys after her early.

    I like your idea of the card kit. I think I am going to try that idea. I will make up a pack of cards with embellishments to go on them and give it as a gift to someone. That way they can “make” some cards to give. It will be easy peasy for them yet have their personal stamp on them.

    • They are cute kids, that’s for sure. The kit arrived before school one day so their mum was having a little trouble getting them to focus what they should have been doing.

  3. adorable. and an excellent idea of decluttering. Especially if the kit comes together with a session of crafting together with beloved auntie.
    I am very pleased to see you working so hard on the craft segment ๐Ÿ˜‰

    good weekend everyone!

  4. What beautiful kids! And does your niece look as much like you in real life as it appears she does from your pictures??

    Wonderful idea to nurture an interest; the decluttering is just a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great idea, Colleen. I’ve made kits for kids with other items around the house and the recipient was always so thrilled. Adorable niece and nephew!

  6. What a great way to pass things on! I think they will get more use that way than if you had tried to declutter individual items.

    I’ll take another look at things tonight with that mindset. Who knows?

  7. Colleen, Your niece and nephew are adorable! I’ll bet they remind you of your kids when they were that age, don’t they? I also think this is a great way to declutter some craft stuff. Well done.

  8. So cute! Your niece looks like you! Are they your brother or sister’s children?

    Does anyone know how long previously opened bottles of liqueurs will keep? We got about 6 bottles of assorted colours for a cocktail evening, dating back 5-6 years and they have remained up in a high cupboard since. Personally I prefer a glass of wine and hubby is a beer or bourban man. Any good ideas here ladies?

    • Hahaha just get rid of them with a ‘Cocktail Night’ real soon, I do believe from bar work that liquers have a good shelf life for 2yrs BUT they really should be used up in a timely matter, because of alcohol levels no bacteria lasts long in the liquid but everytime it’s opened it’s breaking down further. I may be wrong but I’d go for the ‘Cocktail Night’ with friends and family and declutter the booze cubbie!

      On that note I remember reading about scotch and brandy being put into crystal decanters, if not used in a timely manner they too end up being less than stellar to drink!

      CHEERS ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • How did the garage clearing and day 1 of 333 go?

        • Ok I’m an idiot I thought we were starting 1st April? Is there a huge time difference between NZ and WA oops sorry if I missed the gun but so far today 31st March 8.38pm Saturday Night I have worn my red long sleeve and a pr of trackies, didn’t dance today so I just had my beaded thongs on.

          Were we supposed to post a list of what we picked? Duh sorry but I have a home open tomorrow so I’ll post it tomorrow night.

          The box I mentioned before got blasted good and proper, why it was still in the garage Who Knows!! Bits and bobs that found there last resting spot looking at the inside of the rubbish bin and the re-cycle bin!!!

          • Hi Dizzy – No sorry I thought you were starting on your birthday, 1 April all good to me. 1 April here today is the end of Daylight Saving so we are now only 1 hour ahead of the Gold Coast, I can’t remember the difference between GC and Perth.

            I didn’t end up doing much in our garage yesterday as I wasn’t feeling 100% and as garage generally involves going up and down the attic ladder (I’m also trying to do a little bit of the ceiling storage at the same time) and as no one else was home, I thought it best to leave for today.

            I know what you mean about Bits and Bobs in boxes, I have one to blast today.

            I hadn’t thought about listing my 33, am having to do a frantic re-think about it today as I have had the teen brigades help (brutal but correct – it was a bit like having a Trinny & Sussanah collective) and I’m waaaay below par.

            I don’t think it is in the spirt of the 333 to begin with a shopping list, but sadly that is what I have to do! I’m going to get thru April as I said from the start I would do one month and then allow myself to do a swap out as our weather/temperature here nosedives from here on in. This week we are still in the 20’s, but have been told that by Easter Weekend we will be in heavy rains.

            I also have to address my very limited shoe situation as 3 of 5 pairs are summer shoes.

            Hey my eyebrows him my hair line – over here we call thongs jandals, and thongs are G Strings. And not the guitar variety! Beaded!

          • I have chosen my 33 items. Though, actually, it’s 31 items clothing and shoes and my jewelry remains uncounted. I could have chosen my two favorite pieces, but I rather check which jewelry I wear at all during that time.

            Btw.: Does anyone know how much silver jewelry is worth? Is it worth the effort to go to a jewelry shop and try to sell it or is it rather something for goodwill? (I’m not talking about antique treasures, just plain sterling silver rings or necklaces)

          • Okay, I checked the silver price myself. I’m owning silver worth about 10 Euros. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They are not genetically related to me at all they are my husbands brothers children.
      I don’t know the answer to the liqueur question. Have you tried googling for the answer.

      • Yes googled, got mixed answers. The fact that my son and his friends have never made a move on it should be all the answer I need.

        Wow, isn’t it funny how family trees work – people often comment how my youngest daughter looks just like her Aunty Kiri – Kiri is married to my husband’s brother, so no blood relation either. I’m sure an anthropologist or geneticist or whoever studies such things would have a great time explaining that.

        • Some people look like their dogs too so I am sure it is just a funny coincidence. ๐Ÿ˜† One of my dogs had red hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • When I met my hubby’s first girlfriend…..we are VERY similar looking. Fortunately I thought it was funny, and I got to keep him so lucky me.

        • Moni if you got mixed answers then chuck out the booze, I’m on the money though, after two years it is pretty well spent.

          You know they say that if you spend enough time with someone you start to resemble them, maybe its in the mannerisms etc but I know one of my dear friends is adopted and honestly you’d swear she’s the young image of her adoptive mother. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Well my husband is quite firm that he doesn’t want to drink a girly drink, and as its 5-6 years old (He thinks it dates back further) – they’re getting tipped out, and bottles to recycling.

            I decided if I want to have a cocktail, I want it made well and I’ll be wearing a cute frock and statement shoes and probably at a bar or restaurant.

  9. Cuties!

  10. Hi – yesterday I watched a link of a comedian talking about ‘stuff’ and want to replay it for my hubby, but I’m starting to think I imagined it, or maybe it was off an archived post. Any ideas?

  11. Hi Dizzy – am suffering post-clutter-tsunami stress. Made it up into the ceiling storage this morning, and brought down all the duvet (doona) inners we have stored up there. There is every size possible (including single beds, we don’t have any single beds) and there’s feather inners, wool inners, fibre inners. I could accommodate an army I’m sure! They were all stuffed in a corner (past the suitcases and behind the free-standing pool that’s been up there in its box for the last 4 years – yes am going to freecycle it) and they just kept coming out of the corner. So my garage floor is covered in duvets. Oh boy. Am a little bit scared of what I have started here. Deep breaths!

    • Or if there is anyone else out there who can help with the clutter induced hyperventilating…….I’m open to suggestions!

  12. Colleen – stumbled onto your Nov 21 2011 post on preparing for visitors – as my parents are arriving for Easter Weekend, plus at least one other guest. Good advice thank you.

    I had a giggle about making room in the bathroom for guest’s things, one of my besties, no matter how much room we allow for her things, she packs up everyone else’s everything into the under cupboard and set out her stuff – every time.