Other People’s Stuff

My daughter is home for a ten day visit and according to plan I have her decluttering the stuff she left behind when she went off to university four years ago.  She is being very cooperative and I am grateful for that. Knowing me as she does she was fully expecting to have to comply with some decluttering tasks before she even arrived. I haven't bombarded her with stuff, just every now and again I will pull out some things and hold up for her to adjudicate on. A quick "keep" or "no" is all it takes. She has done well so far eliminating quite a few items, making it possible for what is left Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Communicating your needs

Recently I received a pair of photos from Willow which demonstrated her frustration with items cluttering up her kitchen bench. Even though this is a launch area for stuff coming in and out of  Willows home there wasn't a lot of items out of place once she removed the things that had just accumulate during the course of a day. The problem was the items that had landed there and not been shifted for some weeks. I will let you read her email so you get the full picture. Willow wrote :- This counter is higher than the kitchen counter and would normally be used as an eating bar, but my Continue reading