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Hi readers, today I am doing a little self promoting, well a lot actually. Voting begins today in the People’s Choice Award of the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition. Although I have no illusions that I will win in any of the main categories of these blog awards I would hate to look like a complete loser in the peoples’ choice section. Once again I don’t expect to win but I would really like the Australian blogging community  to notice what a great community we have here at 365 Less Things. So if you could take five minutes to place a vote for 365 Less Things I would much appreciate it.

If you are reading this message at the blog all you need do is click on the big blue Vote For Me button on the right hand side of the page just below the Join Our Community box.


If you are reading this via email then click on this link ~ Vote for Me button ~ an follow the voting process. 

Thank you in advance to anyone who places a vote.


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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. you just got a vote from snowie Germany 😉

  2. Done 😉

  3. Antother vote for you from Maine, USA. I always read your blog, but have not commented until now. Although I do not always follow your advice (I pretty much deal in clutter since I have a booth in an antique shop and constantly bring “stuff” home, your writing helps me keep things in perspective! And I am much better at separating business clutter from my living space, which makes me much more sane 🙂 Good luck with the blogging competition!

  4. Jane (in SC, USA)

    Hey Colleen, I shot right on over & voted for you! I’ll round up any & all of my comrades to do the same!
    Best of luck – hope you smoke the competition!
    P.S. sorry I’ve been absent with commenting, I’m still knee-deep in my business start-up classes & have barely any free time these days, but I do make a point to read all your (& Cindy’s & Deb’s) posts event hough I rarely can find time to comment. Miss chit-chatting w/everyone! Special hi to Moni – I miss your spunky humor!

  5. Best of luck, Colleen!

  6. Just voted!

  7. Love your blog!

  8. A vote from here also!

  9. One vote for you from sunny Louisiana. Best of luck. I love this blog.

  10. Voted for you just now. Hope you not only win this category but another as well.

  11. Done 🙂

    I love this community.

  12. A vote from me too!

  13. You just got voted from distant Argentina! 😀 . Thank you for all the inspiration you spread all over the world with your blog.

  14. A vote from Sunny Perth Good Luck 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. another vote from mild weather Athens,Greece!!!

  16. I voted for you! Love your blog! So many good ideas and suggestions.

  17. Colorado has spoken! 😉

  18. Voted here on the East Coast USA, your blog is my favorite for any country 🙂 Good luck

  19. Good luck Colleen! 🙂

  20. Done and dusted! Good luck Colleen.

  21. Just voted. Good luck!

  22. A vote from South Carolina! Love your blog and comments. And guest bloggers!

  23. Good luck! You have my vote now. 🙂

  24. Thank you all who have voted so far and a big hello to those who have never commented before. Thank you Chrissie for kinking off the voting with your location. You started something there and now most are stating where they are from. It is always great to see how far flung you all are.

    Even if the blog doesn’t win I know what a champion community we have here and that makes us all winners.

  25. You got a vote from New Zealand.

  26. Just voted, hope you do well, from Australia

  27. Bam! Done. That’s one New Zealand vote for you, coming through 🙂

  28. Another vote for you. Hope you win!!

  29. Hi Colleen, come in to have a look around and you have a VOTE from me.

    Good Luck!

  30. A vote from the beautiful mid-Atlantic, USA, where spring is poking a cautious face around the corner. Any day now!

    Thanks, Colleen, for the continuation of this blog. I haven’t been able to comment for a while, but I love this site!

  31. A vote here from the UK.

  32. Hi Colleen. Another vote has gone in from Sydney – good luck 🙂

  33. Colleen:

    1. Voted!!
    2. OMG how many bloggers are there in Australia?!!?! Wow!!!

    Best of luck!

  34. And from sunny Alberta where winter is, at last, on the run! Colleen, if they had a category for voters from the most countries, you’d win hands down!! 🙂

  35. Ellen Guardiano

    Dear Colleen,

    Just enthusiastically voted for you, from the U.S.A, State of Florida.

    Thank you – and the other gals – for your collective wisdom;
    and in the creation of a beautiful community of people,
    led by the warm and encouraging Colleen!

  36. A vote coming your way from Northern California where flowers are booming, and nearby vineyards are sending out green tendrils.

    I’m loving your blog!

  37. …and a vote was just cast from the tropical paradise I call home, Hawaii! Aloha!

  38. Thank you so much to everyone who has voted for 365 so far. I feel we have already won regardless of the outcome of the competition. ❤

  39. I voted too, from Minnesota.
    Thanks for everything — and whether you win or not,
    you are still a Champion Winner!

  40. Wow Colleen You are definitely World Wide!!
    I still think we should pick a spot in the World and have a 365’ers Morning Tea!!!
    Good Luck with the competition 🙂 🙂 😉

  41. Hi Colleen- and a vote from sunny South Australia (well – sort of sunny …).Love your blog and will never forget how excited I was when I just happened to stumble across it late one evening . I think I posted a comment straight away (first time that I had ever contributed to a blog) and then to my delight you responded – which was more exciting than meeting the Queen! Not a lot of decluttering going on any more as mostly things are just the way I would like them to be with lots of free space everywhere. I still enjoy 365 less things though as I think the way we live in our houses , the way we use our space ,and the stuff that we have is not a fixed and unchanging thing such as a destination, but hopefully an ongoing journey. Thanks again!

  42. dont have much time to comment lately, but of course I voted too! greetings from sunny (but still too cold) germany! happy easter everyone

  43. Done :-), Good luck.

  44. You got my vote. Good luck!