How little we really need

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  • You just never know. Firstly I would just like to apologise for my recent extended absence from the blog this month. Unfortunately my mother took ill and I rushed off interstate to visit her in hospital and to […]
  • Home again and on with the decluttering. Hi folks, well all good things must come to and end and my vacation is one of those things. We had a lovely time in Japan but it is always nice to be home again. And now it is back to the […]
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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Good post Colleen. I think you are totally right. I would see living they way you vacation.

    • I don’t think I would like to go quite that far as I do get kind of tired of the same old few clothes for months on end. However I do love this simpler life we lead while away so less stuff at home is most certainly doable.

  2. Maybe have two weeks worth of clothes then. Grin.

  3. Hi Colleen,

    So glad you are enjoying your vacation and Sudoku (I love it!) 🙂

    You make many good points in this post. I am chomping at the bit until sometime next year, when I expect to be able to declutter in earnest. I believe I will have my husbands support, as he is equally frustrated by the mess we live with now. (For the benefit of other readers, our elder daughter & her toddlers -3&4yo- live with us. They are lovable but not at all neat.) Our daughter did straighten up quite a bit yesterday. Not sure she did any decluttering! Because she and her kids have so much stuff, it usually doesn’t stay “in order” more than a week or two.

    Excellent post 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Colleen, I loved this post. I created a lovely mental picture of you and your hubby in the small apt.
    I have dreamed my whole life of living in a small space. As it is, I have LOTS of space. And I am still working on emptying some of it. I have another box and some small pieces of furniture ready to go to the thrift very soon. Gotta borrow a truck.

    So glad you are enjoying your vacation!!!!

  5. Colleen, you will have to reintroduce yourself to all of us back here in Newcastle 😉 I’m glad to hear you are enjoying yourself .
    Holidays are good for a lot of reasons.
    I like to take the oldest or least worn clothes on a ‘ one way trip’. They don’t get packed for the return trip home.

  6. Another fantastic post Colleen. Reminds me of how much I too love travel and its minimal things – maximum experiences 🙂

  7. I could not agree more, traveling broadens horizons in inimaginable ways… I loved reading about your 3 month Berlin experience and wonder if I could do something like that.

  8. I’ve found the same to be so true. When we’ve traveled and stayed in vacation rentals, I always realize how much easier and simpler it is to have such a minimal amount. I come home and get rid of more stuff I just really don’t need.