Simple Saturday ~ Having fun with one of my pet peeves

Family Car Stickers

I realise that these Family Car Decals have been very popular for some time in the USA, I remember seeing them when I lived there and I have to say I never was a fan. They always had a bit of an obnoxious status symbol quality about them for me, one degree less sickening than the My Daughter is a 4.0 student type bumper stickers. Some people even get so irresponsible as to put the family members names on them.  God forbid some pedophile driving the streets might see this and follow you home. Oddly enough that is not what I find the most annoying about these stickers…

…this is!

Shopping Mama!

These family-status-stickers have now become popular in Australia. Yes, unfortunately we caught on to the trend eventually. The most irritating result of this is that literally every second car I see adorned with these decals has the mother figure depicted as in the picture above. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sadly, that must be the way they see themselves, their greatest talent or favourite pastime is shopping. Quite frankly I would rather see her depicted as a pole dancer. Actually that would be quite funny and I would probably enjoy a good laugh at that. Which got me thinking about the other amusing possibilities that should be available. That was when I found this little Gem…

I like this one.

I know I am naughty but at least the mother is “smart” in this one and her full name is more in keeping with my personality. 😉


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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Colleen – Thanks so much for this ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS post!!! i totally agree with you re those signs. I think it’s nuts to advertise how many kids you have or your interests. I would love to buy the A–family sticker and put it on the car even tho I don’t have kids.Thanks for a LOL moment at my desk at lunch!

    • My pleasure Jessiejack, as you know laughter is the best medicine. I am glad you had a good one and at work too, that doubles the value.

  2. PS It’s 1216pm on July 17 where I am 🙂 working alas

    • Hi Jessiejack,
      I am sure what you are doing is making to difference in peoples lives though and behalf of those people I say thank you.

  3. What a hoot. I know what you mean about these bring obnoxious. I saw one the other day that showed a golfing Dad, a shopping Mom, a skateboarding boy, a soccer playing girl, a gradeschooler, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird, 10 fish and a lizard. The stupid thing went all the way across the back window of the van.

    • 10 fish!?! At least in my experience of fish, that’s an ever-changing number!

    • Hi Deb J,
      that that I would likely find amusing anyway because of the sheer volume of stickers. I always think wouldn’t it be funny if one showed a man (crossed out) then a woman with two kids then another man (crossed out) and three more kids and a dog (crossed out) then another man and two more kids. One would have to give that women credit for never giving up trying.

      • That would be a hoot. Today I saw one and I’m not sure what it represented. It has a medium sized boy with a skateboard, a woman with a shopping bag, then an adult couple with a baby at their feet, a man with a cane, another couple, and two children. Figure that one out.

        • Sounds like they all live together as an extended family or else it is the grandparents car and the stickers are like a family tree. I must admit those stickers are far more fun and interesting when people use them in this manner where it leaves you guessing as to what situation is that they are depicting.

  4. That’s the first I’ve seen any of these. Your post is too funny!

  5. Colleen, you are too funny. I just loved this post and I wholeheartedly agree that these decals are obnoxioux and annoying……except the A-family one….that’s a keeper!!!!

    • I have to admit it did google family car stickers pole dancer and although there wasn’t one I was tempted to add the couple of similar images that would have sufficed but I thought I had better behave and draw a line somewhere for my naughtiness not to cross. 😉

  6. I can’t believe this one! OMG, what are people thinking that this is what they want to convey about themselves?

    I had seen the “Ass” family one before and would like to know where I can purchase one. I think that would be something fun to put on the back of my car. It would go nicely with my honor roll student bumper sticker! LOL


  7. Oh my LAWD! I have these on my van!!! Still funny though! I never thought of it that way.

    I will say that, at least mine don’t have personalities. They are just people. I didn’t think I could sum up all our talents and interests in a bumper sticker.

    Woo Hoo!

    Shamefully yours,


  8. I actually like them when they aren’t done in an annoying way. We don’t have them because I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, though.

    • Also…why shouldn’t proud parents post honor roll and 4.0 bumper stickers? 😉

      • There is a reason that Pride is listed as one of the seven deadly sins, it can be taken too far or worse even falsely assumed. 😉

        • Well, aren’t you just a little too proud of your witty little self, how about decluttering your site of “amusing” opinions?

          • Hi Tarica,
            welcome to 365 Less Things. You are right about one thing it is just my amusing opinion and the popularity of these stickers just shows that there are plenty of folks out there that think they are great and I am OK with that. As for pride, you might have guessed I am not a lover of that secondary emotion as it evokes as many negative connotations as it does positive ones. Though I wouldn’t say I am not guilty of it at times regardless of my view. I realise I am not perfect or even close to it but I am sure the good qualities I have were qualities I was born with and not something I should be taking credit for. Shame, now that is something I am better at although I wish I wasn’t because it is a weakness and a worthless pastime as well.

    • Hi Lynn,
      it is a bit of a like / hate relationship for me too. For the most part they are cute and harmless but I always find myself looking past that to the ugly side. Hey, now at least I will look at them with more amusement than anything else. I was having a laugh about it with my sister last night and we thought it would be funny to have a non-permanent white marker to alter the stickers when people weren’t watching so they would be more amusing. I know I am very very naughty.

  9. I’ve seen these, of course, but I haven’t noticed ones where the stick figures doing activities. The one that amazes me here in Austin is the woman who has 5 children all with B names. I know this because the decals on her SUV name each child and because her license plate is MOM2 5B or something like that.

    But maybe I’m just a MEAN A**.

    • I don’t think for you minute that you are a MEAN A** Cindy. Where is the pride due just because you have five children and thought you were clever giving them all B names and then advertising to the local Pedophile (and there is one in very neighbourhood no matter here you live) what their names are and where you live and where they go to school. 😕

      • Hi Colleen! You think just like a Mom! I find the stickers harmless and cute…on somebody else’s car 😀 ! I would not put it in my car because it might alert any pedophile, and the baby chairs are a dead giveaway, anyway, so no need to advertise that I have defenceless babies any further. So yours is a funny post, but serious discussion going on! 😉

  10. Great post. I also dislike the BABY ON BOARD stickers. They were originally used for medics in case of a crash or accident, to alert them to the baby being present. But now, people just have them to possibly make other drive more carefully around the car. Whilst babies are precious and wonderful, in my mind, every life is important. So if you’re going to point out the preciousness of the baby, surely you should also have a mum/dad/big sister/ little brother/ dog on board sticker too.

    • Hi Francesca,
      I am glad you shed light on the baby on board stickers I always thought they were a little pointless but to alert medics is a good idea.

      • But how many people remove them when the child isn’t in the car? Not many. I have heard of fire fighters searching fruitlessly for a child at crash scenes only to discover that they were never in the car.

        I also resent the implication that I am driving carelessly until I see the ‘baby on board’ sign in which case I will suddenly become a careful and responsible driver. I have my own children in the car anyway, and if I was a reckless driver I’m not sure a sign would be enough to make me change! And they just obscure the rear view from the car, IMO, making driving even more hazardous for the owner of the ‘Little Angel on board’ sticker. Bah! Can you tell I’m not keen on these?!

        I haven’t seen the family stickers in the UK, but I guess it’s just a matter of time…

        • Hi Hazel,
          thank you for your comment and welcome to 365 Less Things. You are so right about this, how awful for the first response persons trying to locate a baby that isn’t even there.

          Like you whenever I see those stickers I think, do people suddenly stop and reconsider their driving behaviour when they see one of these signs, I think not.

          Lets hope that the UK have enough sense not to bother with this trend.

    • Hear, hear Francesca! I totally agree on the Baby on board stickers, one of my bug bears!
      Colleen, I have been wonderering about those horrid family stickers, thanks for explaining about them.

      • I used to agree with what everyone above has said about baby on board signs, but then I had a baby. I think its better to look for a baby that isn’t there, than not to look for a baby that is there and I have no doubt that first responders have much worse things to deal with than this.

        I’ve only seen the stickers a couple of times (I rarely drive) and two things immediately struck me:
        1. they reminded me of the baby on board signs, so they seem quite morbid to me – like a sign for the ambulance people to be sure to find the whole family; and
        2. they are a bit obnoxious – a bit “look at my perfect family” (maybe I have issues)

        – Isabella

        • Hi Isabella,
          I see what you mean, better to be safe than sorry. The point is though with all the safety rules around carrying babies in cars these days surely they wouldn’t be missed in the first place. Those baby capsules are pretty obvious and a person who puts a baby on board sign on their car isn’t going to not use the proper precautions. Have there been documented cases of this happening? I have however heard plenty of sad stories where people have changed routine and then forgotten the baby is in the car and left it parked in the sun with the baby inside. How very tragic these cases always are.

  11. Love the “Ass” family sticker!!!!!!!! It’s the kind of thing that I would love to be able to put on my car; but not everybody shares my sense of humor. The family stickers that really drive me nuts (and there are a LOT of them here where I live) are the ones where the whole family (dog or cat included) are wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!

    • Hi Mary,
      I didn’t know the Mickey Mouse ones existed until I googled for the other sticker photos last night. I do like the skull and skeleton ones though. My son could be a skeleton one because he is so skinny. 😆 my daughter could be an angel with devil horns (gemini, twin personality) and my husband could just be an moustache.

  12. I haven’t seen them in the UK either but I’m sure they’ll get here soon! I find them mildly amusing and also a little irritating

  13. Having been the target of a pedophile at a very young age, I agree Colleen this could be dangerous. But aside from that sad possibility, you had me ROTFLMBO with this post! You are too funny! 🙂

    • Hi Betty Jo,
      sorry to hear that you had to experience such an awful thing and my heart goes out to you. I am glad to bring some laughter into your life though.

  14. LOL!!!!!!!! ‘The Ass Family’. CLASSIC!!!!!!!!! That is just tooo funny!

    Ok, here’s one for you. Did you ever see that e-mail joke (it toured the Internet world years ago) in which a teacher asks the children to draw a picture of a parent/guardian at work. So a young (maybe 6/7 year old) student submits to her teacher a picture she drew showing her mother at work…so, get this, the picture is of a stick figure with a ‘pole’ sort of centered between the stick figures leg area, and lot’s of people (aka: other stick figures) gathered around. The teacher saw the picture the student had turned in and immediately was shocked to think that the childs mother was a ‘pole dancer’ (as the picture looked like). The teacher later found out that the childs mother worked at a home goods type store, and there had been a HUGE snow storm in the area, so the mother told the daughter a story about her work of how the mother was holding ONE shovel, the very last one in the store, and customers were ‘flocking’ to her for that very last shovel. Well, the daughter sort of forgot to add the bottom part of the shovel (aka: square-ish section, actual shovel part) in the drawing…

    Anyway, AMEN to this post. Those stickies are completely obnoxious (my personal view point). 😉

    • Hi Annabelle,
      yes I have encountered this story before and I love it. Not that it is any of the teachers business what the child’s mother does for a living. 😉 😆

  15. I seem them all over here in southern VT/NH. The only one I have every really liked is my coworker’s. She and her daughter are Yankees fans and her husband and son are Red Sox fans. (You may have to be from the north eastern USA to really get this.) She has a sticker (him, her, him, her) where each person is wearing their team’s jersey. I think it is cute.

    The other ones are usually too braggy for me.

    • Hi Lady in a Smalltown,
      I am going to have to tell my daughter about this she will laugh as she is a Yankees fan and a a result has to opposed to Red Sox fans. The funny part is she keeps attracting Red Sox fans to her no matter where she is. Her favourite teacher was a Red Sox fan, one of her best friends in America is a Red Sox fan even the delivery guy that comes to her work here in Australia is a Red Sox fan. You will have to take a photo of that persons car and email it to me so I can show her. I have to admit I was actually rooting for the Yankees last week because they were beating Texas and I am a Mariners fan.