Saturday Extra ~ Midway Simplicity

Mohamed Tohami over at Midway Simplicity has begun another interview project ~The Midway Decluttering Show. His most recent guess was a wonderful lady with a shining personality and very wise on the subject of decluttering. OK you caught me  blowing my own trumpet again. ;-) Here is the link to the interview so you can judge for yourself. The Lazy Person's Way To Declutter Your Home Tohami has also recently released his new book Midway Simplicity ~ Easy solutions to simplify your time, health, things, finances and relationships. This book contains excerpts of all the interviews from the Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Clutter with eyes update

Remember back in October one of our fellow 365ers needed our advice on getting go of her clutter with eyes. Read about it here. Well this week she sent us and update that she wanted me to share with you all. Here is what Chrissie had to say... This is some update on my efforts concerning things with eyes. Feel free to publish if you like to. I am progressing! Not as fast as I wish to but anyway progress is visible – Especially today! From all the comments of your readers I created little tutorial Helpful actions Involve trusted friend or family member (my hubby and my Mom Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ What am I

We haven't had a "What Am I?" Saturday for a while. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, what I do is post a fraction of a photo of my declutter item for the coming Monday and you get to try to guess what it is. So take a look at the photo below and leave a comment with your guess. There is no prize just the joy of being the first one to guess correctly. The Weekend's Mini Missions Saturday – Declutter something toiletries related. That old aftershave that stings your face, old shaver handles that are excess to your needs or that extra toiletries bag you received on your Continue reading

Simple Saturday

I received the following request for advice from a reader last week and decided to post it here for you all to give your opinion on. I have also included my advice for two reasons... 1. because you might find in helpful. and... 2.  my return email to this reader kept bouncing back to me so I was unable to help offline. Here is what she wrote~ "...Laundry is my groundhog day & it's really doing my & my husbands head in.... We have an 11 & 7 year old & I am sure that sometimes things go in the laundry basket rather than be put away - there are times I know I an rewashing Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Decluttering Without Even Trying

It's time for the change over of seasonal clothes and an opportunity for the simplest decluttering of all: Decluttering without even trying. When you get your clothes out of storage (or, in my case, when I stop using the lower hanging bar [hot weather] and start using the upper hanging bar [cool weather]), turn all the hangers backwards. At the end of the season, anything that is still turned around the wrong way is something you no long wear. Congratulations! You just decluttered your closet without even trying. The Weekends Mini Missions Saturday - Declutter something from your Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Clutter with eyes – Chrissie would like your advice

This week I received an email from Chrissie who has a unique decluttering issue that she would like her fellow 365ers and myself to give her advice on. Below is the message she sent explaining her issue. "Although I'm quite successful in decluttering and drive my own project online ~einfach-weniger.blogspot (Simply Fewer in English) I'm lost as soon as things have eyes. No matter if cuddly toys from the childhood (they can be ugly as hell!), knick knacks, useless promo gifts, ... as soon as they have eyes they are begging me to stay in my house. All available declutter strategies did not work Continue reading

Moni’s latest update on the Mammoth Bookcase Declutter

I have been on a mission to declutter a bookcase filled with books, CDs, photos and anything else that could be stuffed in there plus a Balinese dresser full of DVD's Early September things took an unexpected turn, as a new tv entered the house. It wasn't planned but not entirely unexpected either. Our small lounge housed an older type tv that has been with us for years and was a favorite perching spot for our cat. Unfortunately the countdown to the final digital changeover meant that we either needed to invest in a digital box and a different aerial because of our area, or consider an Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Another guest post from Moni Gilbert

Here in the southern hemisphere we are heading towards Spring and I cannot wait for the days to get longer and the temperature a bit warmer. As we have trudged through Winter we have had our share of coughs and flu's doing the grand circuit through the household. I am, as usual, the last person to go down with the flu and just back on my feet again after two days in bed. Of course, my husband is sure I (Moni) could not have had what he just had because he couldn't get out of bed for five days whereas I (Moni) seemed to be able to roll out of bed to collect the girls from school and to deal Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ A reader would like your opinion

One of your fellow readers would like your opinion on something. Please read her message below and add your advice if you wish by leaving a comment for her. Thank you in advance for your help. I have been on a mission to declutter my house. My house was never a disaster by any stretch of the imagination but in my opinion there was just too much stuff. It stresses me out. Since February I have been working though my possessions. I have removed clothing, nick-knacks, doubles of items, just general excess. I have removed more then 365 items and I am very proud of myself. Recently I have started Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Share your experience on resisting temptation

I received a post request from Jane some time ago and was hoping you, her fellow 365ers, might share with her  your personal experience with this issue. Here is Jane's subject for you... Resisting temptation. How others handle trying not to drag home more stuff like knick-knacks & clothing, etc. What are their proven methods for curbing the buying urge? The Weekend's Mini Missions Saturday – Declutter your patio, deck or porch. Sunday – Declutter items that have accumulated on your coffee or lamp tables in your living room. "In daily life we must see that it is not Continue reading