Simple Saturday ~ A fellow 365er wants your advice

I received an email from one of our fellow 365ers, who shall be referred to as O, this week and she would like her fellow 365ers advice on what to do with a certain object she is having trouble parting with. It is difficult, not because she doesn't want to part with it because she most certainly does but because it falls into the obligation clutter category and it is difficult to know exactly how to dispose of it responsibly. Perhaps you can help her out with a little advice, I have already given her mine. Please see below the story of this item. O's Story Some years ago I took part in a Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Washing Machine User Review

The title of today's post may have you thinking that I am going to give you some user reviews on washing machines but in fact it is your opinions that I am seeking. I would really appreciate your assistance in this matter to help my mother chose between a front or a top loading washing machine. What she is really trying to decide, at her age of 73 years young, is which machine would be easier for her to load and unload. We understand that one can acquire a platform to mount a front loader on bringing it high off the ground. The one opinion we have on this is not encouraging though due to it Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ A Guest Post by Madeleine of Guinea

Week after week, tons of clothes arrive in Guinea's capital : Conakry. They are sent everywhere and sold at the markets. Here in Kissidougou, the sellers open new bunches of clothes every Tuesday. There is a rush on them, as everyone wants to have the best pieces. Then, the rest is sold during the week. You can really find anything: clothes, bras the seize of shower basins, gloves, ski suits, and the most beloved pajamas. Guinean love pajamas, because the shirts match the pants. They don't understand pajamas as such, and wear them all the time. They don't mind wearing ski suits either, even Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Why save the good things for someday

The video below may only be an advert for tea but it makes a good point. Why not use those special things you are storing away for good everyday instead of someday. If you are going to have a casual glass of wine before dinner why not use the Waterford crystal. Why not use the best china when it is just you and your partner sitting down to dinner. Wear your best dress any day of the week for no particular reason than to enjoy it and feel good. Who needs a formal lounge room that only gets used when guests come, turn it into a games room for everyday. Use that special fountain pen you bought to Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ My latest declutter item

The storage unit to the left is my latest declutter item. Why did I declutter it? Because I have decluttered all the craft items it contained so I no longer need it. Years of neatly organising my clutter makes me hesitate to part with good storage items of this kind but I have no desire to ever need them again as I have no desire to clutter up my house again. So these days as soon as they are empty I try to get them out the door. This one lingered a little longer because I was trying to sell it and sell it I did for $30. I was pleased with that and even more please to see the  space Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ An interview with Mohamed Tohami

I recently did an interview on simplicity with Mohamed Tohami for his blog Midway Simplicity. I really enjoy what Mohamed writes about at his blog and he seem to me to be a genuinely nice fellow as well. You can read more about his goal for Midway Simplicity here.  Mohamed is also the bestselling author of The Pharaohs Code (Creating a Joyful Life and a Lasting Legacy). Without further adieu here it is the interview. This Weekend's Mini Missions Saturday ~ Spy and declutter something soft. Sunday ~ Spy and declutter something made of fabric. Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Aussie Video

Here is an Aussie decluttering video for you to enjoy. Today's Mini Mission Declutter single use gadgets that you really don’t have a single use for. Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ What am I

Time for another What Am I quiz. The image below is a fraction of a photo of  something I am decluttering. What do you think it is? Take a guess and see if you re right when it appears as the declutter item of the day on Monday. Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Give the gift of sight by donating eyeglasses

I received and email from Ideealistin recently bring a subject to mind that has been mentioned in passing here at 365 Less Things one or twice before. Ideealistin thought it was worth bring to the fore in the form of its own blog post and that is what we are doing today. Here is some of what she had to say... Hi Colleen, as I am sort of moving at the moment (since almost everything in the apartment has to be moved around, I came to the conclusion to consider it something similar to moving at least ...), I am digging through everything and found a pair of glasses. Yep, yet another one. In Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ One readers story

A decluttering story from Debbie from Alberta Canada I came across your website last year and proceeded to read backwards through the archives. I follow several blogs on minimalism; but yours has really helped me the most with my steps towards minimalism. One thing I thought I'd share is my 'ah ha' moment last year when our house we had listed for sale here in Canada took a long time to sell. It was at an overwhelming time for us as we had purchased a great house in a great location that we were renovating while we were trying to sell the house we were living in. In order to declutter our Continue reading