Simple Saturday ~ What am I

Time for another What Am I quiz.

The image below is a fraction of a photo of  something I am decluttering. What do you think it is?

Take a guess and see if you re right when it appears as the declutter item of the day on Monday.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. My guess is a New York Yankees baseball cap.

  2. New York Yankee’s memorabilia?

  3. I think Anne is onto something. It looks like a New York Yankees logo. Is it a cap?

  4. I vote Yankees hat

  5. I would also guess cap.

  6. I think it’s a New York Yankees ball cap also 🙂

  7. Gotta be a New York Yankees baseball Cap. Is this the last of the baseball ‘Stuff’?

  8. NY Yankees cap all the way.

  9. Yankees cap or shirt: it’s the fabric and seams that make me think it might be a shirt.

  10. Rebecca B.A.R.

    New York Yankees embroidered baseball cap?

  11. sports cap

  12. a New York Yankees baseball cap?

  13. Definitely a New York Yankees baseball cap

  14. Is it a beanie rather than a cap? (I’ve just ordered a $3.00 beanie from eBay to keep my head warm when I walk the dogs at 5.30 in the morning.) You all seem pretty sure its a cap though.

  15. Cap cap cap 🙂 ……I think

  16. Hi everyone! I decided last night while dinner was bubbling away, to do my 15 min declutter on a kitchen drawer as per yesterday’s Zen Decluttering link, four hours later I remembered to eat, but all the drawers in the kitchen, lounge and dinning room are looking quite good though bare. Fortunately hubby was happy to serve up dinner as long as I didn’t get in the way of the TV.

    Unfortunately I un-earthed more cables of the pc/tv/home threatre/camera variety, will have to add them to the Un-identified Cables Box. That is scheduled for later in the year in case I un-earth any other devices along the way that they might belong to.

    Today I have been on a compaign that anything that catches my eye will be dealt with on the spot, and what surprises me that for a house that my friends describe as “minimalist” (compared to how it used to be) but I describe as halfway there – how many little pockets of stuff that have managed to hide away, or little baskets of stuff left over from previous culls that I didn’t know what to do with last time (today’s fate: GONE).

    Items in a pile waiting for me to list on freecycle. DONE.

    Have made some more headway in my garage – its been an ongoing project – Dizzy suggested I drag everything out onto a tarp and then put it back in one item at a time – I love the idea BUT its raining. So am just doing the best that I can in the meantime, even if it means arranging things in a neat line.

    • Way to go Bonnie??!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so proud of you 🙂 It’s raining here as well so I decided to turf things into the middle of the garage, yes it has a middle, thanks to the last cull so I dealt with what needed doing on the spot. Thanks for mentioning drawers, gonna pull them out tonight as well as the knicker variety. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Keep it up and when I get to NZ I expect an invite to Tap Dance in your garage 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Ha ha Bizzy! 🙂 I thought I had made great headway with the garage and then my son dragged out two boxes of stuff that he says need sorting and getting rid of, and looked very hopefully at me. Oh well at least he volunteered them up.

        You would LOVE my garge. When we moved in Adrian put down varnished MDF sheets on the floor so the girls could practice at home (the problem is now that they are big they travel much further faster and run out of room) and then he was doing a job at the local glaziers and there was a big mirror 1.8m high and 2.4m long and he asked what that was worth and the manager said it was going to be smashed as it was imperfect and so Adrian swapped it for a crate of bear. So we have a massive mirror. This is why I’m in a hurry to clear the garage as we are going into exam season and the girls want the floor cleared so they can practice.

        • Too cool I am definitely coming to your garage to tap dance hahaha.
          So how many bears did you get in the crate to swap for a HUGE MIRROR!! So cool! hahaha. 10 pts to your boy for having stuff to de-clutter and keep going on the garage you’ll have space before you know it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Way to go. I love the tarp idea but at 100 degrees already it’s too hot to do that. Next week is supposed to be a quiet week with no appointments so I’m hoping to have another go through the house.

      • Wow, Moni. Way to go! You have more energy than I. Wann come over? 🙂

        • Hi Willow
          I have plenty to keep me going here! 🙂 🙂

          Am happy today cause my hubby has taken away the homework desk that the kids never use except to dump things on top of – they prefer to use the dining room table or coffee table.

          And when he gets back later he wants to list his electric guitar on trademe as he hasn’t used it in years. It has been in our lounge, admittedly on a stand, all that time. He prefers his accoustic guitar – so do I, and so do the neighbours!

    • Well done Moni, that is a lot of decluttering out of the way. My kitchen in heading for a further purge too in the very near future. I thought of a few things that I don’t need while of vacation. The less there is in there the better I think. I don’t need five different sets of bowl to perform virtually the same function as one another. I have kept them because they are aesthetically and or tactilely pleasing to me but what they really are is clutter.

  17. Definitely a yankees cap.

  18. New York Yankees baseball cap.

  19. New York Yankees logo on a pillow? It does look like a cap, but the fabric appears to be more towards upholstery stuff than a cap…???

  20. I’m voting for the cap as well, although I also agree with Annabelle, I thought about a car seat or something, too. (but who would own a Yankees car seat?!!)

    Thanks to Lena, I was at my wardrobe again.
    I did get rid of a few more things – everything not fitting perfectly (2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and 2 skirts) and one skirt I somehow don’t have any matching top to go with it any more.
    I really should do some mending soon though, it’s already piling up…

    • colleen would own a yankees car seat. she already lost a coke collection, baseball cards, craft supplies and lets not forget a snoopy collection 😉

      Sanna, I am proud. well done! My influence on you is also working on me: two knickers, one bra and two shirts yesterday. I have a huge amount of wooden hangers that I need to decide what to do. And I am happy to announce: I rearranged everthing so that I can actually fit even the winter clothes into my wardrobe. Means: drawer is not crammed full again, and I can open and close it without swearing. yay weekend!

      • Ooohhh how much would it cost to post them to me, I so need more wooden hangers for my sons costumes! I guess I will just have to go to Big W or Ikea, I donated all the plastic ones cos they don’t turn so you can hang the gear on anything. Right now I so wish I was your neighbour Lena.

        You go girl there’s nothing quite like easy slide drawers hahahaha!!
        🙂 🙂 🙂

        • oh that would have been amazing. we would be good neighbours 😉 but sending 12 wooden hangers around the globe is probably not a good idea. I decided a long time ago that I will not annoy myself with plastic hangers, while we have a house full of wooden ones, inherited from grandparents…

          actually I am very much looking forward to that day, when I will not need this bloody drawer anymore and just trash the whole thing. Its already almost falling apart and screaming for relief. and I have been forcing it for too long already. soon I will be there. soon.

        • I have a bunch of wooden coat hangers that I probably don’t really need anymore because we have reduced out wardrobes so much. Pity you aren’t close by Dizzy.

          • Rats, Rats, Rats, I went to the Salvo’s first, all gone, then Big W all gone, they are really popular! Ikea had white ones but I have them just wanted some plain wood ones, easier to see who’s costume is who’s in the bags that they are hanging in. Double Drat.

            Believe me I’d definitely swing by and pick them up and I’d gladly pay you for them 🙂 Meanwhile I am using stupid plastic ones that are a pain, oh well 🙁

          • oh what a shame. time to put an ad out. ask your neighbours, who knows, maybe you are lucky and someone has too many just never thought of selling them?

      • Oh yes, a bra left as well. 😉

        Still, I’m a bit shocked that my clothes fill a wardrobe. I so want to reach the point when I can fit all linens in there as well… 🙂

      • Lena & Sanna, I’m excited about this like you. Just this past week I got my closet into shape. I now have the summer clothes on one side of the closet and the winter ones on the other. I have a small closet with sliding doors. It works really great to have them this way. I am so pleased with the way it looks.

        • you know a couple of weeks ago I decided to get my Winter clothes away, so that I would have more space and find it easier to see what I have, when I actually need it. then I went through often, and suddenly realized I have enough space for all of my clothes to sit in the wardrobe. I noticed that having parts of clothes here and there made me feel out of control. like I dont have an overview or so. my lesson learned from this: what goes together stays together…

          • I can relate to this Lena. It is only my jackets and coats that are in the closet down stairs but it disturbs me having my clothes spread throughout the house. I wouldn’t mind if the coats and jackets were in a coat cupboard near the front door like they used to be in Seattle but alas we do not have such a thing here. We have a shoe cupboard instead which is also good. I have discovered today the my closet is now decluttered enough to put all my clothes and my jackets in as well and I like it that way. Now if only my husbands clothes would fit like that but until he retires and we can declutter all his uniforms that just isn’t going to happen.

          • oh god, now I have only a little flat, and I get uncomfortable if its two different rooms, but a house is even worse. But then again you are more people, I am just alone.
            I remember at my mums place, that I was often searching for things, mostly in the basement (washing machine and dirty clothes), her laundry room upstairs and in the summer also outside. at one point you forget what stuff you have if it disappears for 4 weeks into the depth of a 4 person household. thank god those times are over.

      • Ha ha Lena,
        there is no way I would own a Yankees baseball anything. I am a Mariners fan through and through. Which means I don’t enjoy the pleasure of winning as often but that shows true dedication. My daughter however is a Yankees fan so we tell people she is adopted. LOL! 😆

  21. colleen, that was way too easy. you need to make your riddles harder for us. btw. I like the idea of “what is it” – keep bringing those things, they are fun!

    • Hi Lena,
      some of my riddles have been very hard so I thought I would go easy on you this time. I think you are right, I made this one a little too easy.

      • I dunno. I think you should give a prize for the most interesting answer, not necessarily the correct answer. For my part, I think Zorro went to Japan and opened a restaurant. This is one of those traditional indigo and white Japanese banners – a blend of Zorro and Zen. Cheers! W

        • Perhaps the prize could be (thinking of it not making clutter of course) the chance to write a quest post for my blog. That way I win every time because I would get a day off writing. Ha ha, I am such a selfish pig 😆 and generous to a fault.

  22. Couch cushion or cap. Inquiring minds want to know!

  23. Knowing absolutely nothing about the New York yankees or their caps, I’d have guessed an embroidered

    • Hi K and welcome to 365 Less Things. Although it is wrong I like your guess best only because you don’t know who the NY Yankees are. That’s OK though because half of the young ones who wear their caps in Australia don’t know who they are either. Even though they are baseball caps these kids don’t seem to realise that the New York Yankees are the most well known team in American Baseball. I know this because I have asked several of them and they look at me like I have two heads when I say “Are you are Yankees fan?”.

      • Hahahahaha that is funny Colleen, I have a Manchester United cap and I have actually been asked if I work for a linen company!!!!

        Sometimes I wonder just how much attention are people paying to the world around them hee hee!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Ha ha dizzy. My husband is a Man U fan as well. I don’t think anyone ever asked if he worked for a linen company though.

          • Hahaha lucky him, ok here’s another stupid comment from a customer, you may have heard of the Jamaica Blue franchise coffee shops, I worked at one on the weekends some time ago and this ‘ding-bat’ asked what part of Jamaica do I come from??? For one that’s the name of the store and I tried to explain that but he insisted we had to be from Jamaica, why else call a store that!!! Wonder if Livvi got comments like that when she opened ‘Koala Blue’ at least she could say she was from the land of Koalas!! 🙂

            I believe Man U fans everywhere are crying 🙁

  24. New York Yankees Clutter? 😀

  25. I vote for Lynn’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That truly is the best and the funniest and the checkiest yet! 🙂 GO LYNN!!!!!!

  26. Hi 365er’s, here I was thinking you were all correct because it was so long ago that I scheduled this post. But in fact the object is a New York Yankees sun visor not actually a cap so no one was really quite right.

    Sue was the first to be that close to the mark though so I guess she is the winner. Not that that means much since there is no prize but well done Sue!