Saturday Extra ~ Sanna’s Shelves and Declutter Story

Finding Colleen's web site really was an eye-opener for me as I did feel overwhelmed by stuff at the time but didn't really know where to start. I just moved in with my boyfriend and we both had lived in shared flats before, so we had a mixed jumble of furniture and household goods and got help and cast-offs from many relatives as well. So I was in that new apartment surrounded by lots of stuff that didn't really match and didn't really fit either. Moreover as he liked his stuff and I liked mine, of course we didn't want to give away our own stuff but would have preferred the other's to be Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ The great cable round-up

I am sure you all know what it is like. You buy one electronic gadget and then it dies or becomes out of date. A new one takes it's place but all those cables look so useful and you never know, you might need them some day. Before you know it there is more than one drawer or box in your home that looks like a snake pit. Of couse these snakes (cables) are all in hibernation just waiting for the right time to imerge into life. Well, guess what? 99% of the time you will never use them again. My husband decided to take the chance that this is right and did the big cable round up in our Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Cindy’s Laundry Room Cabinet

Yikes! It looks pretty bad, doesn't it? But really, the cabinet needed a tidy even more than it needed a declutter. Here's what I did: removed two towels, which I mentioned in my post The First Fruits removed the package of sponges, which I donated to local food pantry transferred the Socks Looking For Their One True Love from the crumpled bag on the top shelf into a plastic bin. (Freed up from other decluttering, of course!) took down the cardboard box on the top shelf, which has light bulbs in it. I cleaned out the box itself and removed 9 light bulbs (one of which I used right Continue reading

Simply Saturday ~ Andréia’s office transformation

The Dreaded Office Project A guest post by Andréia My home office is also my working office as I work from home. But I don’t work for a company, I work independently and my clients come to my office to talk and to hire me. Some time back I began to notice my office was always a mess, I started to find it necessary to begin my client sessions with an apology saying: “Sorry about the mess, I am doing a cleanup…” But that was a lie! I was not doing a cleanup I was trying desperately to keep my office under control. I felt bad that my clients' first impression was not of me or my Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Another Before & After

The following pictures are before and after shots of my living room that once again show that even in an uncluttered room things can end up out of place. Can you spot the 12 differences between the two photos If you want to see a the solution to this SPOT THE DIFFERENCE puzzle here is a link Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Cindy’s Desk

Saturday is fast becoming a confession day for Cindy but if she is willing to keep sending me these pictures who am I to not use them.  I am quite willing to take anyone else's confession if you are willing to send me your before and after shots. I promise I will be kind and not allot too much in the way on penance, maybe a couple of extra mini missions. The before shot of Cindy's desk Putting things away when you are finished using them is not always easy to do when you have two children and a husband to care for and a part time job. At some point though the mess will catch up with you Continue reading