Decision Making

Some time ago I compiled a decision making guide for my readers to use as a tool to help them choose what should stay and what should go. I haven't mentioned it for a while so I thought I might bring it to the fore today so that you can refresh your minds  on the strategies of letting go. So here is the guide... Questions to ask yourself when you are deciding what stays and what goes when decluttering. How long since I last used this:- If you are keeping an item just because maybe you might need it some day then it is probably clutter. Is it still useful to me:- Do I still Continue reading

Day 208 Time to tackle the tricky stuff

For the last 207 days finding things to declutter has been a reasonably simple task due to the sheer volume of stuff that needed to go. Now it is time to tackle the tricky stuff. The stuff that so far I have avoided simply because I didn't want to make the hard decisions. Things like... Those craft items that I keep telling myself I will eventually use one day but after years that day has never arrived. Some of the sentimental items that deep down I know are just clutter that no one but me would ever want. Items that I know I don't want but have been struggling whether I should give Continue reading