Disposing of this weeks mission yields

In a post a couple of weeks ago that asked a range of question about your clutter issues and my blog. One of the readers asked for more information on how to get rid of the clutter that has been set aside for removal. I do have a list of ideas on a page here at 365 called Recycling/Donating Guide that you can find here. However it is an unfinished page and may not yield the information you are looking for and also may not be relevant to your location. It is worth taking a look at none the less during those times when you have hit a brick wall. As I just mentioned, access to ways to sell, Continue reading

Life moves on

I received the following comment from Kimberley to one of last week's posts ~ Who Are You Now. Kinberley wrote: "Your post should be titled, “Isn’t this how clutter begins?”  We move from one phase of our life to another. We don’t or won’t let go of what used to serve us while at the same time adding things that now do. It’s as simple as doing the math." This is so true. The reason much of our clutter builds up is because life moves on for us. The problem with that is that life moves on but we don't move on the resulting items that become clutter. We understandably hold on Continue reading

Positive attitude to decluttering

Here is a great comment from Kimberley that I didn't want anyone to miss... "Selling vs. Donating….. When we acquire an item, there was an obvious need for us to do so, real or imagined. It may have served its purpose where we feel we “got our monies worth”. Then again, some acquisitions are what we needed at that time in our life whether we “got our monies worth”, or not. I have found over the years that everything that has come into my life, came in for a reason, sometimes very temporary and all at some cost. Our lives are constantly changing as we grow as individuals. I Continue reading

Juggling with decluttering decisions

Do you ever find yourself juggling with the decision whether to donate or sell certain items you have decided to declutter. For me the items I most want to sell are items I feel the need to recoup some monetary loss on. Items that were relatively costly but I never did get much use from. These are items I most definitely want to get out of my house but my thrifty side says ~ "Sell, sell, sell!"  ~ while my I can't be bothered with all the selling nonsense side says ~ Donate it and just get it the heck out of here, quickly and painlessly. I have several craft items that I am juggling with Continue reading

Decide, divide & Conquer

I want you all to read this post by David @ Raptitude.com before going on. Take from it what you will but this is how I applied the concept to decluttering. Before doing any decluttering decide on your options for disposing of your clutter. Do some investigating and make a decision on where you can donate your clutter so you have this option in place prior to choosing which items are to go. Decide if eBay is an option for where you can do your selling. Check if Freecycle is available in your area and decide if that is another good option for you. Decide if putting your stuff Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ It All Adds Up

We've had many discussions on 365 Less Things about Selling v. Giving Away. At various times, I've come down on both sides of the argument.  I've agreed that selling recoups some of your investments. I've argued that giving away shares your blessings with others and relieves you of your clutter with less work and fuss. In general, I sell my larger or more costly items and give away my smaller or less costly ones. However, I've sold things on Craigslist as cheaply as $5, and given away things I could get $50 or more for. In general, I don't consider selling to be too much of a hassle, and now Continue reading

Is ebay worth the effort?

I received an email from Clare last week asking me is ebaying was worth the effort? I considered this question for a minute and came up with this thought "I guess if it wasn't I would stop." There must be enough of a pay off for me  to think it worth my while or I wouldn't bother.  Yes it is time consuming doing the listing, estimating the postage, finding packaging materials and then having to package up and post the items, but I have the time. Time that could be spent in far less productive ways such as watching reruns or reality shows on television. Sure I am disappointed at times when Continue reading

Don’t Let “Value” Fool You

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My mother, as I have mentioned before, is VERY decluttered. She was a minimalist before I had any idea that there even was such a decorating style. (I thought is was called "bare.") Very recently, my parents moved back into their house after having it extensively remodeled. Before moving to Austin, Texas, my parents had lived in a very stylish, although not very large, custom-built house. The plain ranch that they purchased in order to live next door t me and my family never fit my mother's idea of stylish. Every remodel produces its share of furniture and Continue reading

Back on the subject of ebay

I received a comment form Moni on Tuesday lamenting about the downside to selling unwanted clutter. Here it is ~ Thanks for the encouragement Colleen – am at the point where heaps of stuff has been dumped, and heaps of stuff has gone to recycling/charity bins. I’m now at the point where I’m listing on auction sites stuff that is too valuable to throw out. Now I know that organised clutter is still clutter, but I’m suprised how down it has made me feel having stuff out all over the place again. Am packing it into laundry baskets or plastic bins after its been photographed and listed, Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Complete the Circle

A Simple Saturday Post by Cindy The thrift store has been quite the topic of conversation this week, hasn't it? Today I want to look at it from another perspective - completing the circle. If you only donate to the thrift store, and never shop there, you are not completing the circle. Now, for those of you who already like to shop in thrift stores, this is not permission to run out and purchase willy-nilly "because Cindy says it's a good idea." No, no, no! The idea behind my list is to give you an idea of all the really great stuff there is available in this world that you can purchase used, Continue reading