Day 222 Declutter or not to declutter…

...that is the question. Well actually it isn't a question any more because I made a decision. I am talking about my sock drawer, not earth shattering, high drama stuff I know but just one more area to consider. So I emptied it out, matched up the odd socks that had escaped from their partners, stretched a few pair of nylons (stockings or whatever you like to call them) to make sure they weren't perished beyond usefulness and pondered over the many pairs of socks that I have to admit haven't been worn for some time. I took into account that this was my sock drawer so half empty or full it Continue reading

Day 215 Declutter burn out

Yesterday I received an email from Denise which raised some interesting decluttering questions. I have edited and reworded the email as I did not have time to contact Denise to get her approval to quote it verbatim but I am sure she will know it was her and this is what she asked... (more or less) What happens when you have gone through the house once and think you have decluttered significantly. I am sure I could do better but I wish I could see items around the house with "new eyes". If you reach an impasse, do you try again or try another project and come back to decluttering in a few Continue reading