Useful Gifts? I’m Skeptical

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I hate to be a cynic, but I think I might be becoming one when it come to this oxymoron* ~ Useful gifts. More specifically, useful generic gifts. My mother gave me a drip irrigation system for Christmas. Let me tell you, that's a useful gift, and I am so appreciative. (Thanks Mom!) But what about these "useful" gifts that have recently come into my home: water bottles and bandannas from a child's birthday party. water bottles as a "finisher's prize" for a book reading contest water bottles given to the kids when they went to camp for a day bandannas as a Continue reading

Do you shop to fill a void?

When we get to a point where we are shopping to fill a void in our lives then it is time to stop and think ~ What is happening here? ~ Instead of facing reality and doing something to improve whatever unsatisfactory situation you find yourself in, you turn to your drug of choice, shopping, to give you that little pick-me-up that you are craving for. Why do I do this? ~ In this day and age we behave this way because we are conditioned to it. In the modern consumer society we have become accustomed to the idea that shopping is a feel good activity and if we want to feel good what simpler Continue reading

Day 319 Bargains are still clutter

Way back on day 94 I wrote a post called - When a bargain isn't a bargain - and just recently I started a post on Unclutterer Forums titled - Can you justify your last purchase? The old post from day 94 is worth a second read if you are a sucker for a bargain and have a home cluttered with them. Some of these bargains prove useful while others whose low buying price is the main focus of attraction soon become guilt clutter taking up space in your home. As for the topic I started on Unclutterer Forums I was a little amazed at how many people can justify a purchase simply because it was a Continue reading

Day 222 Declutter or not to declutter…

...that is the question. Well actually it isn't a question any more because I made a decision. I am talking about my sock drawer, not earth shattering, high drama stuff I know but just one more area to consider. So I emptied it out, matched up the odd socks that had escaped from their partners, stretched a few pair of nylons (stockings or whatever you like to call them) to make sure they weren't perished beyond usefulness and pondered over the many pairs of socks that I have to admit haven't been worn for some time. I took into account that this was my sock drawer so half empty or full it Continue reading

Day 214 Supply and Demand

There is an election going on at the moment here in Australia. The politicians often jump on the environmental bandwagon to win votes. The issues they promise they are going to address when they win are just a drop in the bucket to what really needs doing. In fact they aren't prepared to do much at all when it comes to the manufacturing of pointless garbage like... the free toys in kids meals and other promotional products wasteful single use gadgets shoddy appliances that don't last and can't be repaired Disposable cutlery & plates Cheap souvenirs The sheer quantity of Continue reading