Thank you to all my 365ers.

I loved this comment by NF. It touches on many aspects of what and why to declutter items. It also makes me feel very good about creating and running this blog. It also makes me feel so grateful to all my wonderful readers who contribute so much to the conversation. My presence here at the blog isn’t what it had been in the past, however, with the wonderful conversations that go on, without any help from me, I don’t have to work so hard. The conversation is the biggest part of what the blog is now, so once again thank to everyone who adds there special presence here.

NF’s comment

I have enjoyed reading and applying all the decluttering advice given since I subscribed to this newsletter. I’m sitting here, 1PM, on 1/2/16 with 5 garbage bags and 2 boxes of “stuff” I haven’t used in many moons. I do this about once a month. In 2015, I lost weight so I went through all my clothes and kept the ones that fit and looked good. I have not replaced my larger clothes, so everything fits in one closet. I got rid of what I call “floaters”. These are decorative knick knacks that I dust and move around and never really pay much attention to until I have to clean them( no real sentimental value). I went to mostly paperless billing, payroll and bill paying, so my paper clutter is almost nil. I went to smaller kitchen appliances that suit the needs of two people and only kept others that I use consistently. If they don’t fit in a cupboard, out they go. I stopped buying so much food. I can see my refrigerator shelves, throw almost nothing out and can actually see what I have in my pantry(this was rough as I was raised to have as much in the larder as could possibly fit…depression era parent mentality, I guess). I’ve accomplished so much in 2015, so I’m going to keep going. I’ve got to get my husband on board, though. He used to throw out everything, now he keeps everything and if he can’t find something that we already have, he’ll buy it again,(Christmas wrapping paper, spices and condiments are the main culprits). Maybe I’ll wrap up the aforementioned overstocked food and gift it next year! Enough rambling, thanks all so much and keep posting the great ideas.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi, Colleen … three cheers and a high five for you and your blog! Thank you for everything that you do to keep your blog humming along nicely.

    Hi, NF. You’ve made such progress … well done!

  2. I do not post comments regularly but I read your blog daily and all the comments…..this blog has been an inspiration to me since I found it almost two years ago. I have a very minimalist home now but like most ex-collectors, I must be very vigilant not to let the clutter creep back up, so reading this blog everyday helps me to keep on the right track. I appreciate all the helpful and at times amusing comments made by all of your regulars……so….I guess what I am trying to say is…..Thank you Colleen for all your help….

  3. May I jump on the bandwagon and say “thank you” also? A year ago I found this blog and have had the best time reading all the comments. I especially love that it spans the globe! Life gets in the way of staying on track sometimes, but I am always encouraged to stay at this “decluttering” thing when I visit here. I try to work in the phrase “I started a decluttering challenge” into at least one conversation a day. You should hear some of the comments!! Hubby could not quite put his finger on what was different a few months ago, but his comment “things just look nicer” was priceless! Things look nicer because there is less visual clutter!!!
    Happy New Year to all!

  4. NF – my goal this year is to pare down my pantry. We live about 30 min from a grocery store and raising boys I always felt I needed to keep a stock of food on hand. The boys are now out of the house and my husband and I don’t need to have that much food on hand. Plus a smaller grocery store has now opened only about 10 minutes from home which helps for the occasional item we run out of. This will be a chore as well as a habit and mindset change. But it is definitely something I know I accomplish.

  5. Thank you so much for the blog Colleen, and all the guest posts & comments from the 365 Community. It has been a real encouragement to me since I don’t know anyone in real life that thinks the same way about clutter. I was beginning to think I must be a freak of nature when I found this blog a couple of years ago. Thank you Colleen & the community for keeping me on track, and feel like I’m not alone in this journey.

    • I think I can speak for everyone when I say “It is entirely our pleasure Calla and we are all glad that you are achieving goals and enjoying the ride with us.”.

  6. Colleen , you continue to motivate your readers-keep up the good work. NF, sounds like you’re in a good flow.

  7. Congrats ! I think its wonderful how she took the time to let you know how this blog has changed her life 🙂 It’s marvelous when we are made aware of the positive changes we can help others make. HNY.

  8. I meant every word. Whether you all are WAAAY over there, and I’m over here in the US, our problems are the same. My current project is downsizing my photo collections. I have about 20-30 albums/scrapbooks which I never look at, but I still want to keep some of the memorabilia contained within. I’ve gone thru about 10, pulled out the photos I want to keep, sorted them by size/category, and I will have them bulk scanned to DVD’s. I scanned the odd sized photos, into my computer, myself. I can probably get rid of one big bookshelf just by culling my photos. I mean, come on, how many pictures of a desert do you need? When the scanned photos are returned, they will be mailed to the family/friends featured in the photos. They can do with them what they will, and I will have a couple of DVD’s, which I can load onto my computer screensaver as a slideshow. Win, Win!
    To Cheryl about your pantry: We don’t even have kids and we always stocked our cupboards/refrigerator to the brim with food. Too much food can be clutter and a temptation, not to mention waste. I can no longer waste food. I work way too hard to pay for everything. I found that calculating how long I had to work to pay for that roast or can of vegetables REALLY slowed me down. Then, if I threw any food away, I imagined it as green dollars sitting in the waste can. When I saw $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 in the garbage, I was appalled. Stopped me in my tracks. I have at least 5 grocery stores within a 5 mile distance and realized if I didn’t have a can of something, it was okay(if you’re more rural and isolated, this mentality does not apply). Good Luck, you can do it!

  9. Thank you Colleen and my fellow 365ers. I look forward to 2016 for so many reasons.
    I think this will be the year that all my adult children will find their own homes. The bathroom will be completed. The kitchen will be finished and the house painted.
    Cheers and Happy New Year

  10. Thank you Colleen for your superb blog and I savour with delight all the delectable contributions made by my fellow 365-ers every single day, even though I do not comment very often.

    May I join the others and say well done NF. I started my decluttering journey about two years ago and haven’t looked back since. I have learnt so much here and my life now is simple, comfortable and somewhat peaceful. My hubby is with me 100% on this journey, though not so much the rest of our extended families.

    Thanks again for all your effort and dedication. Happy New Year everyone!

  11. Thank you, Colleen and everyone else!

    Really, in all these years I never found another blog quite like this one – and never followed any other in the same way.
    I’m not reading here every day anymore, but more often than not and I enjoy how those declutter journeys of all the commenters around the globe just keep going and going and everyone lets us have a peek once in a while and has a gem of knowledge or a funny story to offer.

    So, Colleen, thank you very much for providing the space for this community and the regular food for thought! It must be hard work sometimes and yet it always seems you write with a smile on your lips (or a tongue in the cheek)!
    And thank you, every commenter, for sharing your journeys and making this blog so special as it is.

    • Hi Sanna, I agree with your statement “in all these years I never found another blog quite like this one – and never followed any other in the same way.” Very well put 🙂

  12. Happy New Year, everyone! This blog really is special. And the people here are wonderful. Colleen, you have created a very nice place that encourages us all to improve our lives. Thank you!

    My husband and I are living in a hotel on the East Coast (USA) for a while, so I don’t always have something to 365 every day. But I’m still working on it, even if it’s a piece of paper that I can get rid of! I am also working on a “one page a day” plan for some things I’d like to read and study.

    I wish everyone a happy 2016, and happy decluttering / 365-ing!

    • Hi Melanie, like you I am away from my usual environment and am still managing to find the odd little thing to declutter. I threw away a pair of socks yesterday that had already worn through in the heals. I also intent to lighten the load on the way home by throwing away the shabbier garments I brought with me that I never intended to bring home. and the food in the fridge and toiletries are a constant use it up challenge. I am already making on judgements calls on what won’t be replaced at this time because we begin a homeward trek in three weeks.

    • Hi, Melanie, as they say – build something good and the people will come. 🙂