A Thing a day ~ Days 5-8

So once again I have been into the craft supplies to find some items I am happy to relinquish. I listed them on Freecycle.org and they were claimed and should be collected on Thursday by a lady who is getting them for a friend who loves to scrapbook but lives on a low income. I so love it when my excess stuff goes to those who otherwise could not afford to enjoy them. In fact it makes it easier to let things go that I might otherwise cling on to. I hope to make a connection with this person so that in future I might be able to gift them some more of my crafting supplies. 


“If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?” — Unknown

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Yay for you Colleen and yay for the lady who can use them.

  2. It’s win-win for you Colleen!

    Was making up a bed for a guest last night and realised one of the pillow inners is past it’s useful life. As this was ‘that’ annoying surplus pillow in the household that seemed to have no permanent spot in the house, I won’t be replacing it.

    Yesterday I mentioned a nice cheese board that we were gifted – lol, turns out it was re-gifted to us as it has a corporate ‘with compliments’ logo on it by the handle. Lol. I haven’t made a decision on it yet, but I do have adult children who would be happy to take it.

    • Hi Moni, regifting is fine with me but when it is something that you don’t won’t as well it gets that bit less appreciated I guess. At least you then shouldn’t feel bad about passing it on for another time.

  3. I just love when things work out like this!

    I took several magazines, in addition to the before mentioned turkey lifters & divided tray to the goodwill today. Hope to find more when I start going through Christmas decorations in the next few days.

    • I hope you find more too Calla. I am already starting to notice the difference in my apartment after just this one week of decluttering. I am keen to find more.

  4. Days 3 and 4 –
    3) a pretty scarf that I never wear (I have others that I prefer), and
    4) 2 recent quilting magazines. Taken to quilt group and gone in a blink.
    Days 5 to 8 –
    5) Some embroidery kits and patterns for crafty things (to same group).
    6) Excess Christmas decorations to my son for his shop.
    7) Some old items from the pantry (cleverly disguised and fed to my husband LOL)
    8) A pair of shoes that somehow became uncomfortable over the winter while not being used. Into my ongoing thrift bag.

    • Hi Stephanie, thank you for your update and also for mentioning old stuff in the pantry. That gives me an idea of what to do today when I go to look after my grandson while his mum is recovering from knee surgery. There must surely be something in the kitchen cupboards to declutter.

  5. I agree, when I know what I am giving away is going to someone who needs it, I feel like I need to get rid of more, so that I can share more.

  6. Well it wasn’t in the spirit of decluttering but I broke a glass last night, which reminded me of the spares that I had in the bottom of the cupboard, where I came across two that had two that are branded with a logo of a company that I no longer support for personal reasons, so have decided to put those in the donation box.

  7. I am holding to my commitment to be diligent again and it puts a smile on my face every time I jot my “out the door” item on my calendar. (I knew keeping track would help me stay on track!) So far have disposed of dead Christmas light bulbs and light strands, 2 neck pillows that weren’t comfortable, 3 sweatshirts to someone who could use them, 6 snowmen to the office (will not return home), gold ribbon to the teacher’s craft box and some paperwork through the shredder.
    Tally Ho and onward!

  8. Today, I am going out the door with 8 large picnic trays, 8 smaller picnic plates, a large lamp base, a blanket, king duvet set, some doilies, 3 sets of plastic glasses and a couple books. Vascillating on whether to include 2 pictures I don’t think I will use again.

    As Karen said….Tally ho and onward! I liked that!

  9. Found 22 Christmas ornaments to give to school thrift shop. Yay!
    Made a special trip so they could put them during the Christmas season and before school let out for winter holiday.

    Have another box to go thru, might find more!

    • I still haven’t got to mine yet. I thought this was going to be a slower week for me but alas. I really do need to make the Christmas pudding and do the ironing too. Oh well hubby is away on a work trip soon so maybe I will get more done then.

  10. Finished the second & last box of Christmas decorations. Found a batch of 80 small holly & berry picks and 4 large ball ornaments to take to the school thrift shop. Feels so good to finally declutter Christmas boxes!