Day 105 Check those expiry dates

What is worse than having sunscreen in your home that is past its expiry date? Yes that’s right, medications that are out of date.

I only found one item where I keep regular medications like ibuprofen but I obviously hadn’t checked my first-aid box for some time where I found two bottles of motion sickness tablets (one had expired in 2005) and a tube of antiseptic ointment.

If you have not done so recently go now and check the places that you keep your medications and first-aid supplies and discard any overdue items. Replace these item if they are something you feel you should have on hand at all times but  I would recommend in future (if you don’t already do so) to check these areas on a regular basis perhaps every 6 months.


The items I found today that are past their used by date

Expired Medications

Colleen’s Helpful Hint of the Day

3m Command hooks, these things are the best things since sliced bread especially if you are a renter. We have about 50 pictures hanging on the walls in our house and nearly everyone of them is hung by these removeable adhesive hooks/strips. When we leave you will never know anything was every hanging on the walls.

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