Day 112 Outside the box

Following on from yesterday’s post there are always those gadgets in our homes that were made for one use but when you explore the possibilities there are so many other fuctions they can perform.

For Example, we own a coffee grinder, nothing unusual about that except that when I bought this item I sellected one that had a detatchable grinding bowl. The idea behind this function is to make it easy to clean but the reason I wanted this feature was so I could purchase a spare grinding bowl that I could use it to grind spices to make my own spice blends for cooking curries etc. I thought it was advisable to have a separate bowl for this so the strong spice favours wouldn’t taint the flavour of the coffee.

I have since found several other uses for this extra bowl such as whipping  small quantities of cream, making bread crumbs and grinding nuts for a cake recipe. I am sure that I will discover many more uses as time goes by but already I am very happy with the functionality of the object.

If anyone out there has a similar story of a gadget they have found an “outside box” use for I would love to hear about it so I can share it with my readers and maybe we might all learn to get more use out of some of the items we own and possibly eliminate the need for other items that only duplicate the same function.


As I am clearly not about to part with my coffee grinder this pair of GP boots is today’s contribution to the 365 less things

GP Boots

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  1. I used to do a lot of cross stitch projects so bought a wooden holder for the cross stitch so I could roll it on and it would sit over my lap and I could work with my hands free for stitching. It was not as effective as I thought so I use it as a holder for my quilt patterns. I put a piece of batting over the whole thing, as though it were a project and roll it in the top and bottom. Since it is a tabletop stand, I set it on a tv tray next to my sewing machine and put my cut out blocks on the batting. They do not move and I can see the block with all the pieces and then can sew them in order. This has really saved me a lot of time because it is really easy to sew the wrong sections together on some blocks. This has been much more effective for me than using it for my cross stitch. Actually, I haven’t used it for anything but quilting in 10 years.