Day 123 Manuals on-line

On day 119 I spoke briefly about sorting through my warranties and manuals.  I received a comment from Jen who suggested using Manuals on-line to source the manuals on line and saving them to a file on your computer for when and if you need them. You could also just access them online when you need them saving room on your hard drive but you relying on the fact that they will be available indefinitely.

Steph said:-I spent the afternoon tossing old manuals and finding the rest online. Now I have a Google Docs folder with PDFs of everything I still own. I found most of them on the manufacturers web sites.

I was having trouble accessing IKEA assembly manuals on the Australian website but using google I found this web address  for IKEA where I found most of the ones I needed.

Sometimes you need to google what you are looking for and plough through a few web sites to find exactly what you want but it is worth the effort so you don’t have to store gobs of paperwork that takes up valuable file drawer space.


Plactic Basket

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