Day 135 Resistance is NOT futile against retail assault

One of the most important lessons I have learned since taking on this challenge of 365 less things is that resisting the temptation from retail assault is not a futile exercise, it can be done. As I have mentioned before I hardly ever go shopping anymore except to buy my groceries and I am fine with that in fact I feel that I have the upper hand in some kind of battle of wills.

I did have a little head start or incentive if you like before I made the conscious decision stop spending on things that might ultimately become clutter. After living in the United States for seven years, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the prices that the same products command here in Australia so I had already cut back.

When we took on the decluttering challenge one of the rules we made for ourselves was that if something new came into the house something else had to leave.  Since we are already busy picking and choosing what stays and what goes we really don’t want to make any more work for ourselves.

We have however upgraded our computer (a half tower for a mac mini) replaced a big stereo system with a new iPod docking station and bought an iPod touch so we don’t have to lug a laptop around with us on our next vacation but that is about it for the shopping this year. Even though this sounds like a big outlay the purpose behind these purchases aside from keeping up with technology, was to downsize the amount of space the old items were taking up in our home or our backpacks.

I have not bought any clothes,  accessory items, books, useless knick knacks, craft supplies, even birthday cards (I am using up my stocks or making them myself) or numerous other things that I used to buy that I have already forgotten I ever wanted.  It is amazing to realize how easy the transition was and although my friends might all think I am a scrooge I am very happy with the situation and don’t plan on changing back (I will not be assimilated).


Another pair of ski pants sold on eBay for $19.50

Ski Pants 4

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I am getting the biggest kick out of your blog, relating to it on every level, and especially appreciate the eBay tips in the previous post. I’m on a similar no-shop mission (I will not be assimilated).

    • Hi Mara,
      thanks for your comment I am glad you are enjoying my blog. I just skipped over to have a look at yours I don’t know how I hadan’t found you sooner. I read the last couple of posts and I will be back to read more soon. Good luck with your no-shop mission it really does feel like victory every time you walk away with just the essentials doesn’t it.

  2. Good for you. I found your blog via Becoming Minimalist. I had found (somewhere on FB I think) a challenge from 2011 (I think) of getting rid of things for the year. I loved the idea & adapted it for this year: 2,012 things for 2012. That ends up being 6 things/day for January through June and 5 things July through December. It’s July and I’m on schedule. I do things a bit different than you: 6 earrings = 6 items. I figured that an item is an item. Unless it’s a stack of papers to toss/shred/etc….then it’s 1 item. I hope that makes sense. I have to say that so far, love the blog 🙂 Oh! I’m “behind” today b/c I started reading from your beginning (day 64 if I remember right).