Day 146 Perish the thought

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  1. Any clothing or afghans made from acrylic or polyester. Baby clothes, yarn, jackets. Woolens may become moth eaten if not stored properly. (And if you’re going to store them and not use them, why are you keeping them?? To feed your favorite moths?)

    • Hi Willow,
      Yes you are right on both counts. I was going to put fabrics in the post but I forgot I will remember to put it in the page I set up. I still have a few knitted items I made for my kids when they were little that I am not prepared to part with, yet anyway. They seem to be holding up OK as they have been stored in a camphor wood chest.

  2. I admit to having a couple of afghans and sweaters that I’ve saved from my children’s babyhood. But not boxes and boxes of them 🙂