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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I had a baby 18 months ago too.. She still doesn’t have her own room and won’t for at least a couple of years. She has a dresser with three drawers for her clothes, and a corner of the living room for her toys and books. We live in a 600 square foot apartment. I’ve decluttered a few times in the past, but my craft obsessions have caused more clutter. I’m a painter by profession and that stuff stays in my studio, but I also spin yarn, knit, and make jointed stuffed animals…I am in the process of seriously downsizing my craft supplies and not buying any new ones. I also just sold a huuuge pile of too small clothes at a flea market, got rid of piles and piles of books… For us it really is true that ” you don’t need a bigger home, you need less stuff” . My goal is a minimalist ( as well as child-friendly) home with nothing in excess.

    • Hello again Cat’s Meow,
      those craft supplies really take you in don’t they. I also have a huge stash but I have taken the “slowly dwindle them away approach because I am sure they will get used. I have a son doing fine arts at university so I am sure he will help. Like you though I don’t replenish any of it anymore except maybe the odd thing for my jewellery making as I still do that on a regualar basis. I would love to make my craft my profession but I think I am just too afraid of failure although I did put a couple of items on eBay yesterday so maybe that will get me started if they go well. My seller ID is Seattle_scrapdiva if you want to have a look and give me your opinion.

  2. Thanks for the above list. The real zinger for me is #1 as I dislike dusting and #4 as I love pretty things. I usually try to put pretty things to practical uses to fulfill a dual purpose. Great list!

    • Hi Di,
      did you take a look at the more comprehensive list in the Declutter Decision Making Guide it combines both lists from Day 149 & Day 150. I think there are always a couple that ring truer for people than others. I think my two are *cleaning and *packing & unpacking when moving.

  3. All of these suggestions are terrific, but I really love “Do I want to clean or store you?” Empty storage space in my home is cause for celebration! It’s all too easy to stuff storage space and pretend you’re organized and minimal, but until the crawl space and garage cabinets are mostly empty – you’ve still got work to do! Great post.

    • Hi SimplyMe,
      thanks for dropping by. I had a quick look at your site but I have to go to work this morning so I haven’t a lot of time.
      You can thank Donna for the “Do I want to clean or store you?” hint. Under Pages in the right hand column you will find Declutter Decision Making Guide which has a more comprehensive list of the helpful questions to ask yourself when deciding what stays and what goes when decluttering.
      I agree hidden clutter in storage spaces is still clutter. I to am trying to get the garage clutter under control which has its own issues plus is the holding space for the clutter that we have weeded out of the house untill it goes to its new home.


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