Day 158 Deb’s photo archive

I received an email recently from Deb telling me about how she is doing a similar thing to me but documenting it from very different angle.

Here is what Deb wrote…

I am doing a reverse gestalt on your project as I continue my Rathole
a Day Project (reviewing Stuff on one shelf, drawer, box, closet a
day): I am identifying those objects that are Beautiful and/or Useful
and that I want to keep. So everyday I photograph one object that
makes me happy to own.

Leo of suggests owning 200 objects. Along that line, I’m
identifying my 365 favorite objects (some of them very small) as I
continue my Rathole Project. I’m photograph them, as you are
photographing those things you are getting rid of. I’m finding it very
easy to let go of things that don’t make the cut for a photograph.

This also gives me a good inventory record of Stuff.

Quite the opposite to my photo archive but really handy for insurance purposes if Deb ever had to make a claim. Also a great way to make the choice of what stays and what goes. I like it.

If anyone else has an original way they decide what stays and what goes please drop me a line I would love to hear about it.


This guitar did not appreciate the 240 volt jolt it received to its 110 volt system so was only good for it parts and thanks to Freecycle I found someone happy to take it for this purpose.


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  1. Does she have a blog? If so, I’d like to subscribe.

    • No Deb doesn’t have a blog at this point in time. I will be sure and let her know that you asked though maybe it will spur her on to start one.

  2. Jude–

    Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t have a blog, though it is tempting to begin one– though I’m not sure “Rathole a Day” would attract the appropriate audience!

    This project began May 1 and I’m amazed at how effortlessly the chaos of my life is becoming — dare I say? — neat and orderly. What will it be like on Day 365?


  3. oh, I’d read rathole a day!!! fun idea.

  4. I’d read Rathole a Day too! I think its a great concept. Everyone has a different idea of what is personal and worth holding onto. It would be interesting to see Deb’s choices and the reasons behind them.

  5. Great idea Deb has. Deb go for a blog, it’s a lot of fun. I have yet another idea of how to decide what stays or goes that I’m tossing around in my brain. I’ll let you know Colleen when I share it on my blog.